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Category: Allegorical Fiction

Allegorical Fiction

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  • Into The Light For A Friend Pack (Audio CD)


    2 SETS OF 4 CDs

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    Volume #47 with the introduction of a new villain, Dalton, who is an archeologist competitor of Eugene’s father and is trying to capture Leonard. Also in this volume, you’ll hear teenager Mandy struggling with her parents’ separation.

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  • Lost Episodes : 12 Stories On Life Siblings And More (Audio CD)


    4 CDs

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    Since Adventures in Odyssey began, there have been episodes that didn’t fit into regularly-released albums. Either they were seasonal, intended for a special collection, or the content was a little too mature or controversial to be included with normal episodes. These never-before-released episodes have been compiled and are now available in a special collection, AIO Gold: The Lost Episodes.

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  • Just In Time (Audio CD)


    It’s a race against the clock! Can Curt and Traci solve the case of the missing train car? Will Robyn Jacobs stop being late for everything? Will the Barclay kids get their story straight about how the TV caught fire? Hurry to find the answers, and the important lessons on this classic “Gold Audio” album!

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  • FUNdamentals : 12 Stories On Wise Choices Being Christlike And More (Audio CD)


    In Odyssey, the kids don’t just learn lessons – they live them!

    Like the true story of an eccentric man who builds the world’s biggest floating zoo – in faith. More than just a “discovery emporium Whit’s End serves as a convenient stage for exploring truths. . .and it’s always Fun-damentally entertaining!

    Bonus Material :
    * The many voices of actor Walker Edmiston
    * The creation of Rodney Rathbone
    * How David Griffin (Jimmy Barclay) got his start
    * The comical foils of Adventures in Odyssey
    * Behind-the-scenes color booklet

    By Faith Noah – Faith, biblical history
    The Prodigal Jimmy – Repentance, forgiveness
    A Matter of Obedience – Obedience
    A Worker Approved – The importance of Bible study
    And When You Pray – Prayer
    The Boy Who Didn’t Go to Church – The importance of regular church attendance
    Let This Mind Be in You – Becoming Christlike
    A Good and Faithful Servant – Stewardship
    The Greatest of These – Unconditional love
    Bad Company – Choosing friends wisely
    Choices – Standing up for your faith
    Go Ye therefore – Witnessing, evangelism

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