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  • Womens Devotional Bible


    For Woman

    If you are a young mother or a grandmother, single or married, you will enjoy the attractive “Woman’s Devotional Bible”.

    Each day of the week, from Monday to Friday you can read a passage of the Bible with a devotional message that will help you in your spiritual growth.

    On the weekends, you will find poems, filled with suggestions for Biblical reading, that will help you walk with Jesus.

    By Women

    Almost all of the devotionals were written by Hispanic women, known in their countries by their testimony and their service to the Lord.

    Like you, they wake up every morning to start a new day of activities and growth opportunities.

    They know that women need words of hope.

    That it is what is expressed in these meditations.

    About Women

    Love, the home, the kids, work, the church, friends, the community, all are in the world of a woman.

    That is why the “Woman’s Devotional Bible” shows the perspective from the Word of God for the different areas that woman deal with today.

    In the devotional you will find hope, strength, inspiration and understanding for the problems in life.

    Also the “Women’s Devotional Bible” is easy to read and it has a reading plan that will help you read the Bible from beginning to end in one year.

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