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New Testament Only Bibles

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  • There Is Life In Jesus Now New Testament


    Una herramienta eficiente y efectiva para testificar en eventos especiales o para el trabajo misionero. Incluye el plan de salvación, pasajes bíblicos especiales, esperanza para la vida.An efficient and effective tool for testifying at special events or using in missionary work. Includes the plan of salvation, special bible passages, hope for today. 

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  • Time To Revive Gospel Tabbed New Testament Bible Kit Spanish Edition


    The premise behind this Time to Revive New Testament is the belief that sharing the Gospel does not need to be elaborate. The colored thumb tabs make sharing one’s faith simple and straightforward. It is up to the Holy Spirit to lead someone to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, but it is a believer’s responsibility to share this Good News with others. Simply walk a person sequentially through the colored thumb tabs: yellow – black – red – blue – green. Allow them to read the highlighted verses out loud for themselves. Let the Holy Spirit lead your conversation. Explain the verses that walk through sin (yellow) – death (black) – love (red) – faith (blue) – life (green). It is envisioned that this New Testament can not only help lead someone to Christ, but call someone to be a disciple and make disciples as well. The orange tab includes 3 short lessons about being New in Christ, Growing in Christ, and Sharing Christ. Our prayer is that this Time to Revive New Testament will be the tool that will help you to do just that. The Time to Revive Spanish New Testament Bible uses the Reina Valera 1960 translation. Each Time to Revive Gospel-Tabbed New Testament Bible Kit (Spanish Edition) includes a Bible, wristband, and verse card.

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