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Bible Personage

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  • Mujeres Del Nuevo Testamento – (Spanish)


    This book tells us the story of 10 women mentioned throughout the New Testament in a way for the reader to reflect and learn from their impact in our faith. This new approach to biblical study will strengthen not only our faith, but our way of life. Each chapter begins with a prologue and a narration of their role in the Bible, the concept of their situation, references to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, questions for personal reflection and a prayer. The women include:
    Mary, mother of God
    Mary Magdalene
    The Samaritan Woman
    Lazarus sisters
    Ann, the Prophetess, among others.

    Este librito nos cuenta diez historias de las mujeres que son mencionadas a traves de los capitulos del Nuevo Testamento y se nos presentan de manera de reflexion espiritual personal. Este es un nuevo aproche a un estudio biblico que nos ayudara no solo para fortalecer nuestra fe pero tambien nuestro modo de vida. Cada capitulo ofrece la historia biblica narrada en prosa, citas del Catecismo Catolico para mas lectura, preguntas de reflexion/discusion y temas para acompanar nuestra oracion personal.

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