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  • Biblia De Las Promesas De Dios – (Spanish)


    El amor de Dios no tiene limite. El arca de Noe, los sueos de Jose, los milagros de Jesus… La Biblia esta llena de historias que nuestros hijos pueden escuchar y disfrutar, pero cuando esas historias dejan al descubierto el hilo de las promesas de Dios, nuestros hijos aprenden mucho mas que solo historias Biblicas individuales. Ellos descubren como Dios ha demostrado Su amor por nosotros, desde la primera promesa en el jardin hasta la promesa de un cielo nuevo y una tierra nueva.

    God’s love is unstoppable. And that’s a promise. Noah’s ark. Joseph’s dreams. Jesus’s miracles. The Bible is rich with stories for our children to hear and enjoy, but when those stories uncover the thread of God’s promises, our children learn much more than individual Bible stories. They discover how God has demonstrated His love for us, from the first promise in the garden to the promise of the new heavens and earth.

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  • Milagros De Jesus – (Spanish)


    This keepsake collection celebrates Jesus’ miracles and the Arch Book series’ living legacy of sharing God’s Word with generations of readers. This set is a great gift for children, or a wonderful addition to any family’s growing Arch Book library. A 50th anniversary edition, this book includes six complete Arch Book favorites: Jesus’ First Miracle, The Great Catch of Fish, Jesus Calms the Storm, Jesus Heals Blind Bartimaeus, What’s for Lunch?, and Jesus Wakes the Little Girl.

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  • Jesus El Buen Pastor – (Spanish)


    Arch(R) Books captivate children with colorful pictures and creative poems. Each book presents a complete Bible story in a fun-to-read way children ages 5-9 will understand and remember. Known all over the world for their biblical and historical accuracy, Arch Books are accessible, engaging, affordable, and collectible-perfect for assisting teachers and parents as they teach their children the Bible and how God works in all aspects of our lives.

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  • Jesus Viaja Con Su Familia – (Spanish)


    La serie Libros Arco tiene las mismas ilustraciones a todo color que hicieron famosa la serie Arch(R) Books, y en forma de rima cuenta valiosas historias biblicas. Esta serie no es una traduccion; cada historia fue escrita en forma de rima en espaol.

    Estos libros son parte del programa Accelerated Reader (Lector Avanzado) y tienen un valor de .5. Solo disponible en espaol.

    Libros Arco uses the same full-color illustrations that made Arch Books famous and tells important Bible stories. Libros Arco is not a translation; every rhyming story was originally written in Spanish!

    This product is part of the Accelerated Reader(TM) program and carries a point value of .5. Only available in Spanish.

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  • Historia De Jesus – (Spanish)


    Stories Included Are:

    The First Christmas
    The Shepherds
    The Wise Men
    Jesus In The Temple
    Jesus And John
    Jesus And The Sick People
    Jesus And The Children
    Jesus And The Storm
    Jesus Tells A Story (The Lost Sheep)
    Jesus Comes To Jerusalem
    Jesus Prays
    Jesus Is Arrested
    Jesus Died
    Jesus Is Alive!
    Jesus Goes To Heaven

    Las Historias Son:

    La Primera Navidad
    Los Pastores
    Los Sabios
    Jesus En El Templo
    Jesus Y Juan
    Jesus Y Los Enfermos
    Jesus Y Los Nios
    Jesus Y La Tormenta
    Jesus Cuenta Una Historia
    Jesus Va A Jerusalen
    Jesus Ora
    Arrestan A Jesus
    Jesus Muere
    !Jesus Esta Vivo!
    Jesus Va Al Cielo

    Additional Info
    15 New Testament stories for small children tell the story of Jesus’ life. Ideal for mission trips, Sunday School classes and outreach projects. Full-color illustrations by Don Kueker. 32 pages.

    15 historias del Nuevo Testamento para nios pequeos cuentan la vida de Jesus. Ideal para viajes misioneros, escuela biblica o programas de evangelizacion. Ilustrado a todo color por Don Kueker. 32 paginas.

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  • Biblia Ilustrada – (Spanish)


    Over 100 Catholic Bible stories for boys and girls written in simple, easy-to-understand language.

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