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  • Mi Amigo Le Encanta La Musica – (Spanish)


    En este tercer libro de la serie Cuentos para dormir que te haran despertar, Ana Belen, Javi y su perrito Yakob viven una aventura super emocionante en un magico viaje al Mundo de la Musica.

    Los relatos y cuentos que sus papas y abuelitos van a transmitirles, los haran vibrar de emocion, aunque alguno de ellos tambien les daran un poquito de miedo: “Me habian dicho que la musica puede hacerte reir, y tambien llorar, pero ahora se que, ademas, puede hacerte temblar. !Si! Temblar de emocion… pero tambien de miedo”. Asi lo expresa Ana Belen despues de escuchar una de las historias.

    Finalmente llegan a entusiasmarse tanto con la musica que Javi quiere inscribirse en un conservatorio. La porcion biblica con la que van a familiarizarse es el Salmo 150.

    In this third book in the series Bedtime Stories that Will Wake You Up, Ana Belen, Javi and their puppy Yakob live a super exciting adventure on a magical journey to the World of Music.

    The stories that their parents and grandparents are going to transmit to them will make them tremble with emotion, although some of them will also give them a little fear: “They had told me that music can make you laugh, and also cry, but now I know that. Furthermore, it can make you shiver. Yes! Tremble with emotion…but also with fear.” This is how Ana Belen expresses it after listening to one of the stories.

    Finally they become so enthusiastic about music that Javi wants to enroll in a conservatory. The portion of the Bible that you are going to become familiar with is Psalm 150.

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  • Mi Tiempo Con Dios Para Ninos – (Spanish)


    Mi tiempo con Dios para nios es un libro de devociones para pequeos como tu. Cada devocion te ensea que Dios es amoroso, carioso y bueno, en palabras que son faciles de entender.

    Dios creo a cada nio por una razon. Asi que, !no hay nadie como tu! Y a Dios le encanta llamarte “mi hijo”, “mi hija”.

    Cuando pasas un tiempo con Dios, sentiras el gozo de Dios en tu corazon, mente y espiritu.

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  • Biblia De Las Promesas De Dios – (Spanish)


    El amor de Dios no tiene limite. El arca de Noe, los sueos de Jose, los milagros de Jesus… La Biblia esta llena de historias que nuestros hijos pueden escuchar y disfrutar, pero cuando esas historias dejan al descubierto el hilo de las promesas de Dios, nuestros hijos aprenden mucho mas que solo historias Biblicas individuales. Ellos descubren como Dios ha demostrado Su amor por nosotros, desde la primera promesa en el jardin hasta la promesa de un cielo nuevo y una tierra nueva.

    God’s love is unstoppable. And that’s a promise. Noah’s ark. Joseph’s dreams. Jesus’s miracles. The Bible is rich with stories for our children to hear and enjoy, but when those stories uncover the thread of God’s promises, our children learn much more than individual Bible stories. They discover how God has demonstrated His love for us, from the first promise in the garden to the promise of the new heavens and earth.

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  • Llego Mi Mejor Amigo – (Spanish)


    !Bienvenidos al pais de la magia y de la fantasia! Este es el segundo ejemplar de la serie Cuentos para dormir que les haran despertar. Estas son unas breves palabras para las mamas, los papas, los abuelitos, las abuelitas… y para todos aquellos que todavia mantienen la magia de contar cuentos a losnios. Leer o contar cuentos a los nios es un habito que, lamentablemente, ha ido quedando en el pasado, con nuestros padres y abuelos; una escena deliciosa que quedo sepultada bajo el peso del televisor, telefono movil y ordenador. Hoy estamos tan agobiados que no queda tiempo para para leer un cuento antes de dormir. Pero el sencillo acto de leerles un cuento en la noche es mas que una actividad para arrullarlos: tiene grandes beneficios como fomentar la lectura, fortalecer su imaginacion, crear lazos de cario entre padres-abuelos e hijos. Con la lectura, los talentos del nio se iran desarrollando, al mismo tiempo que adquiere conocimientos eticos y valores, proporcionados por las historias narradas.Gracias por mantener esta magica costumbre y por haber elegido este libro de cuentos como herramienta para alcanzar ese fin.

    Welcome to the land of magic and fantasy! This is the second issue of the series Bedtime Stories That Will Make You Wake Up. These are a few short tales for moms, dads, grandparents, grandmothers … and for all those who still maintain the magic of telling stories to children. Reading or telling stories to children is a habit that, unfortunately, is uncommon in our day among parents and grandparents, a delicious scene that was buried under the weight of the television, mobile phones, and computers. Today we are so overwhelmed that there is no time to read a bedtime story. But the simple act of reading a story to children at night is more than an activity to lull them: it has great benefits such as encouraging reading, strengthening their imagination, and creating bonds of affection between parents and children, or grandparents and grandchildren. With reading, the child’s talents will develop, while he acquires ethical knowledge and values provided by the stories being told. Thank you for maintaining this magical custom and for choosing this storybook as a tool to achieve that end.

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  • Amigo Que Nunca Falla – (Spanish)


    El amigo que nunca falla es el primero de una serie de libros que llevara a los nios por viajes apasionantes y los hara conocer porciones claves de la Biblia, haciendoles amar la lectura y mostrandoles que la Palabra de Dios es el volumen mas perfecto, apasionante y transformador que jamas se haya escrito. En este primer libro, el consagrado escritor Jose Luis Navajo se fundamenta en el Salmo 23, presentando el salmo en un lenguaje ameno y, a la vez, profundo, con lecciones para padres e hijos.

    La serie se titula Cuentos para dormir que les haran despertar. Te animamos a que lo uses para leer cada dia a tus hijos una historia que los enriquecera y sembrara en sus corazones importantes principios y valores positivos. Es tambien una buena herramienta para que ellos mismos practiquen la lectura si ya comenzaron a leer.

    Estos relatos nacieron al calor de un sueo: que nios y nias aprecien la Biblia y que la imagen de Jesus se forme en sus corazones.

    The Friend Who Never Fails is the first in a series of books that will take children on exciting journeys and introduce them to key portions of the Bible, making them love to read and showing them that God’s Word is the most perfect, exciting, and transforming that has ever been written. In this first book, the consecrated writer Jose Luis Navajo is based on Psalm 23, presenting the psalm in a pleasant and, at the same time, deep language, with lessons for parents and children.

    The series is titled Bedtime stories that will make you wake up. We encourage you to use it to read to your children every day a story that will enrich them and plant important principles and positive values in their hearts. It is also a good tool for them to practice reading themselves if they have already started reading.

    These stories were born in the heat of a dream: that boys and girls appreciate the Bible and that the image of Jesus is formed in their hearts.

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  • Milagros De Jesus – (Spanish)


    This keepsake collection celebrates Jesus’ miracles and the Arch Book series’ living legacy of sharing God’s Word with generations of readers. This set is a great gift for children, or a wonderful addition to any family’s growing Arch Book library. A 50th anniversary edition, this book includes six complete Arch Book favorites: Jesus’ First Miracle, The Great Catch of Fish, Jesus Calms the Storm, Jesus Heals Blind Bartimaeus, What’s for Lunch?, and Jesus Wakes the Little Girl.

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  • Jesus El Buen Pastor – (Spanish)


    Arch(R) Books captivate children with colorful pictures and creative poems. Each book presents a complete Bible story in a fun-to-read way children ages 5-9 will understand and remember. Known all over the world for their biblical and historical accuracy, Arch Books are accessible, engaging, affordable, and collectible-perfect for assisting teachers and parents as they teach their children the Bible and how God works in all aspects of our lives.

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  • Osos Berenstain Y El Arbol Del – (Spanish)


    In The Berenstain Bears and the Forgiving Tree, Cousin Fred accidentally damages Brother’s brand-new bike. When Brother Bear gets angry, can Sister Bear help him see that forgiving his friend is the right thing to do?

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  • Osos Berenstain Demuestran Res – (Spanish)


    ‘Honor your father and your mother,’ Exodus 20:12 In The Berenstain Bears Show Some Respect even good cubs can fall into bad habits. Brother and Sister have gotten into the habit of sometimes treating their Mama and Papa with less than the respect they deserve. Mama and Papa occasionally forget their manners towards their parents as well! When Gramps and Gran notice the change in the Bear Family attitude, they call them on it and point out that everyone deserves a little respect.

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  • Jesus Te Llama Para Ninos – (Spanish)


    Devocionales escritas como si Jesus hablara directamente al corazon de los ninos.Basado en el libro original Jesus te llama esta version ha sido adaptada a un lenguaje y formato que hara que los ninos pequenos y los de edad escolar relacionen los textos con su vida diaria. Tras varios anos escribiendo en su diario de oraciones, la misionera Sarah Young decidio escuchar a Dios, lapiz en mano y escribir lo que considero que Dios le dictaba a traves de las Escrituras. Otras personas fueron bendecidas cuando les compartio sus escritos y muchos empezaron a usar sus devocionales en todo el mundo. Son textos escritos desde el punto de vista de Jesus, y a ello se debe el tituloJesus te llama. La plegaria ferviente de Sarah es que nuestro Salvador bendiga cada vez mas a los lectores adultos, y ahora tambien a los mas jovenes, con Su presencia y Su paz.Devotions written as if Jesus is speaking directly to a child’s heart.Based on her original Jesus te llama, this version has been adapted in a language and fashion that kids and tweens can relate to their everyday lives. It is Sarah’s fervent prayer that our Savior may bless readers, and now young readers, with His presence and His peace in ever deeper measure.

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  • Jesus Viaja Con Su Familia – (Spanish)


    La serie Libros Arco tiene las mismas ilustraciones a todo color que hicieron famosa la serie Arch(R) Books, y en forma de rima cuenta valiosas historias biblicas. Esta serie no es una traduccion; cada historia fue escrita en forma de rima en espaol.

    Estos libros son parte del programa Accelerated Reader (Lector Avanzado) y tienen un valor de .5. Solo disponible en espaol.

    Libros Arco uses the same full-color illustrations that made Arch Books famous and tells important Bible stories. Libros Arco is not a translation; every rhyming story was originally written in Spanish!

    This product is part of the Accelerated Reader(TM) program and carries a point value of .5. Only available in Spanish.

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  • Dios Te Ama – (Spanish)


    The Berenstain Bear series helps children learn how God wants them to live every day. When the Bear family practices going to church, praying, and being kind, plus remembering how much God loves them, their lives are much more joyful.

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  • Mi Primera Libro De Los Santos – (Spanish)


    A magnificent full-color book about the Saints, featuring a full-page illustration of each Saint.

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  • Santa Misa – (Spanish)


    A fun and creative way for children to learn about the parts of the Mass. With pictures and rhymes by Emma C. McKean. Translated into Spanish.

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  • Rosario – (Spanish)


    SKU (ISBN): 9780899426686Language: SpanishBinding: Trade PaperPublished: December 2002Saint Joseph Coloring BooksPublisher: Catholic Book Publishing

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  • Historia De Jesus – (Spanish)


    Stories Included Are:

    The First Christmas
    The Shepherds
    The Wise Men
    Jesus In The Temple
    Jesus And John
    Jesus And The Sick People
    Jesus And The Children
    Jesus And The Storm
    Jesus Tells A Story (The Lost Sheep)
    Jesus Comes To Jerusalem
    Jesus Prays
    Jesus Is Arrested
    Jesus Died
    Jesus Is Alive!
    Jesus Goes To Heaven

    Las Historias Son:

    La Primera Navidad
    Los Pastores
    Los Sabios
    Jesus En El Templo
    Jesus Y Juan
    Jesus Y Los Enfermos
    Jesus Y Los Nios
    Jesus Y La Tormenta
    Jesus Cuenta Una Historia
    Jesus Va A Jerusalen
    Jesus Ora
    Arrestan A Jesus
    Jesus Muere
    !Jesus Esta Vivo!
    Jesus Va Al Cielo

    Additional Info
    15 New Testament stories for small children tell the story of Jesus’ life. Ideal for mission trips, Sunday School classes and outreach projects. Full-color illustrations by Don Kueker. 32 pages.

    15 historias del Nuevo Testamento para nios pequeos cuentan la vida de Jesus. Ideal para viajes misioneros, escuela biblica o programas de evangelizacion. Ilustrado a todo color por Don Kueker. 32 paginas.

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  • Biblia Ilustrada – (Spanish)


    Over 100 Catholic Bible stories for boys and girls written in simple, easy-to-understand language.

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