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    • Chronology Of Israels Kings And Prophets Pamphlet


      Easily cover decades of Israel’s history at a glance with this slim line pamphlet packed with side-by-side chapter overviews and charts. This easy-to-read chronology takes you through the books of 1 and 2 Samuel, 1 and 2 Kings, and 1 and 2 Chronicles chapter by chapter.

      This pamphlet helps Bible readers keep track of who’s who and what happened when in Israel’s history. Compare the stories of kings such as David and Solomon with the many kings of Israel and Judah, as well the ministries of prophets such as Samuel, Elijah, and Elisha.

      Glossy laminated pamphlet, ultra-slim, 14 panels, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches.

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    • Redeemed : Extraordinary Grace For Ordinary People (Student/Study Guide)


      The book of Ruth is the account of an ordinary girl who moves to an ordinary place to live among ordinary people. But God is graciously working to do extraordinary things through her. Redeemed explores Ruth’s story as God brings her into His family, places her in the line of Christ, and paints a beautiful portrait of His big redemption plan-one where famine leads to faith and foreigners become family.

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    • Judges Of Israel Pamphlet


      Enjoy having an easy-to-understand overview of the judges of Israel! From Deborah and Samson to Samuel and Gideon, see how God called upon these 14 amazing individuals to deliver Israel from oppression. Features simple summaries, quick-reference charts, an Old Testament map, time line, and more!

      The judges of Israel weren’t what anyone would call conventional leaders. One had a violent temper. One was the son of a prostitute. Another a woman in a male-dominated society. What did they all have in common? God called these courageous, relentless, and passionate seekers of the Lord to liberate Israel and bring them back into a right relationship with him.

      Perfect for individual use, Bible studies, new believer’s classes, church giveaways, or to keep in your Bible to reference when someone has a question. Size: 8.5 x 5.5 inches, full color, glossy coating. Folds out to 38 inches. Fits in a Bible cover.

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    • Samson Pamphlet : Life Of Samson


      Samson was a supernaturally strong man chosen by God to free the nation of Israel. A hero of the Old Testament, he was also plagued by personal failures and weaknesses that led to his demise. But did you know that this incredible story is really about a gracious God that sent a flawed man to save an ever-disloyal Israel? Enjoy digging deeper and learning how God sent Samson as a type of savior to save Israel from the Philistines, foreshadowing the true Savior to come: Jesus Christ. Enrich your study with handy visuals and real-life application from the Life of Samson pamphlet!

      Packed with a full-color map, stunning time line and 4 clear reference charts, this Life of Samson pamphlet will give biblical and cultural insight into Samson’s story and suggestions on how we can still apply lessons from his life today. Great for personal or group Bible study!

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    • Abraham Journey Of Faith Pamphlet


      Abraham is mentioned over 300 times throughout the Bible and is considered one of the most important people to know from the Old Testament. Easily cover 20 key events from his life at a glance with Rose’s Life of Abraham pamphlet. Packed with simple summaries, quick-reference charts, a timeline, a map, and more-this incredible pamphlet is perfect for personal or small group use. Use it as a stand-alone Abraham Bible study or to add depth to any Old Testament study.

      Understanding the relationship between Abraham and God is key to understanding the Old and New Testament-and this pamphlet makes it easier than ever before. Enjoy having these features at your fingertips:
      *Easy-to-follow timeline covering 20 key events from Abraham’s life
      *Family Tree of Abraham (Starts with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob)
      *Quick-Reference Charts on key topics, including the 2 major types of covenants
      *Full-Color map showing Abraham’s journey from Haran
      *Relevant insights, reflection questions, and more!

      What happened from the time Abraham was called to leave Haran to the time he was willing to sacrifice his son? How did God use Abraham to point to the coming of Christ? Why does God refer to himself as the God of Abraham? The answers to these questions and many others are found in The Life of Abraham pamphlet. Discover the significance of God calling Abraham his friend and deepen your understanding of what it means to serve a Covenant God. Covers key relationships, including Abraham and Sarah, Abraham and Hagar, and even Abraham and Isaac.

      Perfect for personal use, small groups, Adult Sunday School, pastors, church leaders, Bible studies, and homeschool curriculum.

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    • Great Characters Of The Bible


      How God Used Ordinary People to Accomplish Extraordinary Tasks
      God chose to teach His spiritual principles through the successes and failures of His people.

      Great Characters of the Bible is a 52-lesson study of 61 Bible characters who were not all that different from us. They experienced struggles, heartaches, successes, and failures. They battled fear, doubt, and worry. But they also give testimony to God’s mighty hand moving through the ages, establishing His will through the lives of people like you and me.

      Standing beside these men and women of the Bible will help you walk closer with God, who included their stories in His Word especially to teach you, to inspire you, and to guide and instruct you. As you share in their victories and defeats, you’ll discover how each person was selected by God to fulfill a purpose. By studying them, you will see how the Holy Spirit equips and empowers you for greater service.

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    • Bad Girls Of The Bible


      This is the signature book that launched Higgs’s unique brand of girlfriend theology, now updated with a contemporary look and with study guide included. In looking at what we can learn from biblical women gone bad through her novel approach to Bible study, Liz brings to life ancient stories and unforgettably reveals how timeless truths of the Bible apply to today’s woman. With more than 1 million books sold in the series, this newly-repackaged edition appeals to women of all ages and stages of Christian faith.

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    • Cast Of Characters


      The Bible’s most extraordinary stories feature very ordinary people. Mary, Peter, Matthew, Joseph, Nicodemus, the woman at the well, David, Esther, Job, the Samaritan woman, John, the rich young man . . . In this best-of-his-best collection, Lucado illuminates these personalities in his trademark down-to-earth style. A wonderful invitation to the heartland of God’s Word!

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    • Life Of The Apostle Paul Pamphlet


      High Gloss Plastic Coated Sheet
      Size: 8.5 X 5.5 12-14 Panels Unfolds To 33 Long

      Additional Info
      Life of the Apostle Paul pamphlet
      Here are 200 fast facts at a glance about the Apostle Paul in the Bible. Includes maps of his journeys, time line, the books of the Bible he wrote, and an overview of his life. Goes perfectly with the Paul’s Journey’s: Then and Now Bible Maps (304X).

      Road to Damascus, Paul’s Conversion, Barnabas, Silas, Earthquake in the Philippian jail, and more.

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    • 12 Disciples Pamphlet


      High Gloss Plastic Coated Sheet
      Unfolds To 33 Long

      Additional Info
      The Twelve Disciples pamphlet gives descriptions and details of each of Jesus’ 12 disciples. Includes facts such as name, nickname, personality and character, key verses, relationship to Jesus, strengths and weaknesses, and stories about their life, death, and ministry. Great for discussing God’s strength and forgiveness in our lives. Pamphlet fits perfectly in most Bibles.

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    • 12 Disciples Wall Chart Laminated


      Printed On Heavy Chart Paper

      Additional Info
      New! The Twelve Disciples
      The Twelve Disciples wall chart gives descriptions and details of each of Jesus’ 12 disciples. Includes facts such as name, nickname, personality and character, key verses, relationship to Jesus, strengths and weakness, and stories about their life, death, and ministry. Great for discussing God’s strength and forgiveness in the lives of everyday people.
      Learn about …
      * Peter, the disciple who once denied Jesus and
      later became the leader.
      * Thomas, the disciple who once doubted Jesus’
      resurrection, and took the Gospel to India.
      * Matthew, the despised tax collector who took the
      Gospel to Ethiopia.

      Chart also available laminated. Reproducible worksheets, handouts, and teaching tips to photocopy on the back.

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    • Joseph : How God Builds Character (Student/Study Guide)


      Joseph faced hard times–more than once. He was sold into slavery by his brothers. He spent years imprisoned because of a false accusation. And yet Joseph was able to live in forgiveness and hope, and God did great things in his life every step of the way. Paul Borthwick invites you to explore Joseph’s story as a way toward discovering how God’s dream might be fulfilled in and through you.

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