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  • God And Me At The Sea


    A kid-friendly look at how beautiful and natural the worship experience can be

    I feel God’s love. So strong. So deep.
    I whirl! I twirl! I skip! I leap!

    Have you ever felt God’s love so deeply that you wanted to sing and dance? That’s just how this little girl feels! In a sunny beach setting, she praises God with her whole heart–and her whole body! Singing, dancing, and drumming on her sand bucket, she has the most joy-filled time playing . . . a natural time to worship that we often forget.

    In God and Me at the Sea, Shelley Kinder uses language natural to children and draws on rhythm and movement to show how all-encompassing the experience of praise can be. There’s no heavy, preachy tone here, just a light-hearted girl who shows kids 3 to 8 how to love and worship God.

    Accompanied by vivid, expressive illustrations, God and Me at the Sea opens children’s eyes to the glory of God’s creation, and how powerful and rewarding worship can be.

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  • Amazing Grace


    Amazing Grace introduces little ones to the one of the most timeless, enduring anthems of the Christian faith in a fun and colorful way.

    First published in 1779, the popular hymn Amazing Grace has inspired millions of believers throughout the generations and spawned thousands of versions from popular recording artists, including Elvis Presley, Sam Cooke, and gospel legend Mahalia Jackson.

    Now little ones can experience the comfort and reassurance of this Christian classic for the first time. The lyrics are paired with whimsical watercolor art that celebrates the joy and wonder of God’s world. In the back of the book, you’ll find the sheet music and lyrics.

    Hymns for Little Ones is a series of creative and colorful board books that introduce young children to the most inspiring and influential Christian anthems of all time. Little ones will learn powerful truths about God through these classic songs.

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  • His Grace Is Enough


    This illustrated, rhyming book will help parents explain to children the unique and wonderful Christian message of God’s grace–that Jesus offers forgiveness and allows us to move on from our mistakes.

    It can be used to share the heart of the Christian faith with children or to remind them that Jesus is the person to run to when they mess up.

    Children will learn that God’s grace is enough to cleanse and change us every day, as the book itself says…

    My child, here’s the truth:
    From God, you can’t hide
    He sees what you’ve done
    He knows what’s inside

    But please don’t despair
    There’s good news, I say!
    Whatever you do
    God’s grace makes a way

    Yes, his grace is enough
    It’s so big and so free
    His grace is enough
    Both for you and for me

    This beautiful hardback book makes a great gift for children and even beyond.

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  • Awesome Super Fantastic Forever Party


    What will heaven be like? Answering this question for kids can be challenging, especially as it’s hard to get past the myths.

    This beautifully illustrated, biblically faithful storybook by Joni Eareckson Tada excites children with this truth–that when Jesus comes back to this world, he will bring heaven with him! There will be a new creation where we’ll have new hearts and a new body, living in a new city. And best of all, we’ll be with Jesus, forever! It will be better than we can ever imagine.

    Kids are encouraged to respond to Jesus’ invitation personally by repenting and believing. They will also be inspired to invite others, and to ask Jesus to come soon.

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  • Nothing But The Blood Of Jesus


    Nothing but the Blood of Jesus introduces little ones to the one of the most timeless, enduring anthems of the Christian faith in a fun and colorful way.

    Robert Lowry’s eloquent ode to our Savior’s lifesaving work on the cross contains powerful promises for small children to grasp as they grow in their knowledge and trust of Jesus.

    Now little ones can experience the comfort and reassurance of this Christian classic for the first time. The lyrics are paired with whimsical watercolor art that celebrates the joy and wonder of God’s world. In the back of the book, you’ll find the sheet music and lyrics.

    Hymns for Little Ones is a series of creative and colorful board books that introduce young children to the most inspiring and influential Christian anthems of all time. Little ones will learn powerful truths about God through these classic songs.

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  • Risky River Rescue


    The Dead Sea Squirrels are back with another fun-filled adventure! The Gomez family, Pearl, Justin, Sadie, Dusty, and Adriana continue the search for Merle through the Holy Land. But instead of finding Merle, they uncover Dr. Simon’s master plan to create the BabbleLand Animal Park: “the only zoo where cuddly creatures talk to you” and where you can engage in “small talk with the livestock.” While still stuck with Ruben, Merle meets Dave, a blue Lizard of Judah, and the two of them escape and take off along the Jordan River toward Galilee. The Gomezes succeed in catching up with and capturing Ruben, but they just miss Merle and Dave. The theme of this book is choosing to follow God’s will and pleasing God by obeying him and making right choices. Readers will learn about John the Baptist, Jesus’ baptism, and the beginning of Jesus’ ministry.

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  • Baptized In The Water


    Reading about baptism can help children understand how, through baptism, we become members of God’s great family. Baptized in the Water, written by bestselling author Glenys Nellist, is a beautifully illustrated picture book that celebrates that very important event, no matter when or what form baptism takes in a person’s life.

    Baptized in the Water: Becoming a Member of God’s Family:

    *Features beautiful prose and poetry that celebrates and explains baptism
    *Illustrates various forms of baptism, from infant to adult
    *Showcases various Christian faith traditions through vibrant illustrations
    *Is perfect for baptism and newborn gifts

    Baptized in the Water engages children as it begins with the example set by Jesus and shows readers that even though there are varying ways to be baptized, the meaning is the same: in baptism, we all belong to God. And that is a beautiful thing.Baptized in the water,

    Like Jesus long ago.

    God’s Holy Spirit dances,

    As waters gently flow.

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  • Creator In You


    With engaging rhyme and stunning illustrations, this picture book sparks readers’ imaginations with the big idea that God created human beings to make, model, and work like Him.

    The Creator in You is a book that children, graduates, and even many adults will treasure for a lifetime. This fresh perspective on the creation account from the Bible’s first book, Genesis, helps readers see that the sixth day wasn’t the end of creation–it was just the beginning.

    Before His day off, God had one more to-do. On His sixth day creating, God chose to make you. God made kids to create like he does–by filling the world with sand castles and s’mores today, and businesses and books tomorrow. Through inspiring illustrations and text, readers of all ages will feel connected to God’s story of creation in a deeply personal way, inspiring them to view their current and future work with purpose, enthusiasm, and joy.

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  • All Things Bright And Beautiful


    Rich and lively illustrations bring to life a classic song for today’s kids and families

    All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small, all things wise and wonderful–the Lord God made them all.

    In this stunning book, birds soar, bugs burrow, elephants dance, plants grow–the whole world sings in praise of their Creator God. With the lyrics to this well-known classic tune, kids and parents can sing along. Jean Claude’s charming illustrations are lush and lively, filling each page with interesting, creative characters and scenes. Every time kids open the book, they’ll spot something new! They may even spot someone who looks like them gardening or picnicking with penguins.

    All Things Bright and Beautiful offers a multi-sensory experience of sight and song, designed for young readers, but enjoyable to all ages. It’s the perfect baby shower or birthday gift–and it will make any Easter basket complete.

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  • Sleepyhead Prayer : A Heart-to-Heart Talk With Jesus


    This board book includes a sweet, rhyming prayer for sleepy children to pray before bed. It is a perfect way for families with young children to end the day. Jesus reminds the child that he is always with them-both when they go to bed and when they wake up. The simple language is accessible for young children and will help them relax and prepare for a good night’s rest. Jesus responds to the child’s prayer with Scripture-based encouragement.

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  • Nana The Great Comes To Visit


    This tender, spunky picture book from the bestselling author of the God Gave Us series celebrates the ways loving grandparents help children grow in confidence.

    It’s always a good time when Nana comes for a visit! Nana is great at building forts and playing checkers. Nana applauds dressing with flair, climbing high, and even dancing while praying. Most of all, Nana is great at finding more fun in the everyday moments of life.

    Nana the Great Comes to Visit celebrates the countless ways grownups help children learn to believe in themselves–and assures children of a grandparent’s love.

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  • Thanks For Little Things


    Being thankful changes our hearts, and there are so many things to be thankful for! This rhyming board book leads little hearts into a prayer of thankfulness for wonderfully ordinary things. The simple language is accessible for young children and will spark their imagination as they think of all the little things they can thank God for! Jesus responds to the child’s prayer with Scripture-based encouragement.

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  • Little One We Knew Youd Come


    From New York Times bestselling children’s book author Sally Lloyd-Jones, Little One, We Knew You’d Come is a heartwarming and endearing story about the hope and anticipation of a new baby. Overflowing with joy, this book makes the perfect gift for a new baby, baptism, adoption, new beginning, or special occasion.

    Little one, we knew you’d come.
    We hoped. We dreamed. We watched for you.
    We counted the days till you were due.
    We waited. How we longed for you,
    And the day that you were born.

    Little One, We Knew You’d Come includes:
    *Engaging illustrations and delightful, lyrical text

    *A beautiful message for parents and grandparents to read aloud to their children again and again

    *A joyful story that celebrates new life and the love we have for our little ones even before their arrival

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  • Apostles Creed Coloring Book


    A coloring book companion to The Apostles’ Creed: For All God’s Children

    Join FatCat, the friendly feline, in this coloring book journey through the Apostles’ Creed. Children can color an illustration for each line of the creed and search for FatCat on every page! This coloring book features:

    *17 coloring pages
    *Full-page illustrations for each line of the creed
    *Pages for a child to write their own prayer
    *New illustrations of FatCat
    *Scriptures references for the creed

    The Apostles’ Creed Coloring Book is perfect for use in home or church and best used in combination with The Apostles’ Creed: For All God’s Children. With this coloring book, children can playfully engage with the earliest summary of the apostles’ teaching.

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  • Nothing : Nothing Can Separate You From Gods Love


    Discover the biblical promise of God’s unending love in this whimsically illustrated board book that assures little ones nothing can separate them from God.

    Can anything stop God’s love and God’s grace? This uplifting board book, based on Romans 8:38-39, looks at this question in the most fantastical ways. Curious children wonder if God’s love can be stopped by rumbling volcanoes, deep ocean waters, rain storms, hail storms, or even the mistakes we make. The answer is always a resounding, “No! There is nothing so powerful, nothing so strong–God’s love is too high and too deep and too long!” The engaging verse is paired with wildly imaginative illustrations, and the affirming message of God’s unstoppable love is one that parents will want to share with their little ones over and over.

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  • Good Morning Little One


    Reassure kids that God is with them through the day with this good morning poem from Amy Kavelaris. Gorgeous animal flower-crown art and words of hope and blessing remind little ones of God’s love, security, and peace for the day ahead.

    Through a child’s eyes, the world can be beautiful, wonder-filled, and a little frightening–all at the same time. Remind your little one that God is always near with this unique book of blessings and prayers.

    A beautiful companion to Amy Kavelaris’s popular Good Night, My Darling Dear, this inspirational picture book:

    *reassures children ages 4 to 8 that God carries them through good days, hard days, and anxious days

    *shares biblical promises of God’s love, purpose, and protection

    *features the whimsical imagery of nature and animals that has made Kavelaris’s art beloved

    *encourages kids to discover God each day and joyfully live out who He created them to be

    *gives children confidence to be brave in scary and unexpected situations

    Good Morning, My Little One by artist Amy Kavelaris

    *includes a stunning cover with a jacket over hardcover

    *makes a touching keepsake gift book for a child’s Easter basket, baby showers, and other new beginnings such as adoption, a new sibling, or the first day of school

    *is an enchanting piece of art for a botanical nursery or child’s bedroom

    *is ideal for any parent, grandparent, or family who wants to establish a tradition of blessing their child in the morning

    There’s no better way to start the day than praying over your children with this sweet, Scripture-based book about trusting God to carry each of you in His gentle arms.

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  • Does God Sleep


    Does God ever get tired? Does He sometimes get sick? Does He ever stop working? Children ask all kinds of questions like this, and Amy Gannett, founder and creator of the popular Tiny Theologians(R) brand, aims to answer them in Does God Sleep? The engaging, rhyming text and bold, delightful illustrations make God’s omnipotence (His all-powerful nature) understandable, relatable, and applicable for kids. Young readers will close the book knowing there’s no need to fear when falling asleep–for God is always awake, watching over us and working in the world.

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  • Average Boys Above Average Year


    Come along with Average Boy, the longtime popular character from the Clubhouse magazine feature, “Adventures of Average Boy,” in his hilarious journey through the school year. In this middle-grade fiction book, readers will follow Bob (Average Boy) and laugh at his antics as he seeks to set goals and reach them with varying success. One of his big goals is his youth group’s yearlong challenge to stand up for God.

    Enjoy the signature humor of Christian comedian Bob Smiley. 8- to 12-year-olds will love the funny stories as they learn important biblical lessons packed into every adventure with Average Boy.

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  • How Much Is A Little Boy Worth


    This book teaches young boys that they have immeasurable worth, not because of anything they do, but because they are made in the image of God.

    Parents will love speaking God’s truth over their sons through this winsome, tenderhearted picture book. This book is perfect for baby showers and young boys’ birthdays. The powerful message paired with bright, glowing illustrations will make moms and dads want to snuggle with their little boy and remind him of how treasured he is, able and worthy because God loves him and declares him so. Rachael Denhollander is also the author of How Much Is a Little Girl Worth?

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  • Gods Love Is Like Sunshine


    Explore the infectiously cheerful nature of God’s love with this heartwarming board book!

    A joyful celebration of God’s deep love for little ones, God’s Love Is Like Sunshine takes a subject that could be confusing–God’s love–and makes it accessible to kiddos. How? By comparing that love to objects and ideas children know and love, such as warm sunshine, overflowing orange juice, and soft clouds. These comparisons paint a beautiful picture of a love that is kind, gentle, and generous. But most importantly, God’s Love Is Like Sunshine celebrates how God’s love fills up our hearts so they overflow with kindness, gentleness, and generosity for other people. With illustrations that radiate childlike joy and a message that encourages little ones to love God and the people around them, this sweet board book is sure to make you smile.

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  • Is God Still Awake


    In this delightful full-color picture book that teaches children about prayer, bestselling author Sheila Walsh helps you show your kids how, when, and why to talk with God as they learn more of who God is and how much He loves them!

    Inspired by the ways God has used her book Praying Women, Sheila Walsh wanted to share her passion for prayer with kids–a passion that began when she was a little girl who wondered if God could hear her any time of the day or night.

    Is God Still Awake? introduces curious young readers to Poppy: a little girl who has big questions about God! Poppy wants to know how to talk with God and whether God listens to her. As she goes through her day with her cat by her side, Poppy discovers that God is always there–even when the world is asleep!

    With humorous, rhyming text, Is God Still Awake? assures children that God loves them and is always with them. Whether it’s day or night, God is awake, He’s listening, and He loves to hear His children speak!

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  • Berenstain Bears Values And Virtues Treasury


    Calling all Berenstain Bears fans! Young readers will enjoy this collection of 8 stories in this addition to the Living Lights series of Berenstain Bears books. Children will learn about kindness, forgiveness, love, respect, and much more.

    The Berenstain Bears Values and Virtues Treasury-part of the popular Zonderkidz Living Lights series of books-is perfect for:
    *Early readers, ages 4-8
    *Reading out loud during story time or bedtime
    *Birthday gifts, Easter, Christmas gift giving, or as a new addition to your home library

    This trusted storybook collection teaches children:
    *How to be respectful, kind, be patient with others, and more
    *The importance of loving your neighbor and making right choices

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  • Big Thoughts For Little People ABC


    Beloved author Ken Taylor’s bestselling book has been turned into a delightful ABC board book. Charming rhymes and colorful diverse characters will introduce children to the alphabet while teaching them important morals and values. Each letter is paired with a Bible verse and a short rhyme. Big Thoughts for Little People has sold almost 600,000 units since it initially released.

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  • God Made You To Be You


    Sammy the saguaro cactus is stuck–sticky stuck in the ground to be exact, with no way to move, run, or roam. Snake can slither. Hawk can soar. Jackrabbit can hop. But Sammy? He must stay rooted in one spot. This makes him sad, and he begins to wish he could be more like his desert friends.

    But could there be a reason Sammy is planted in one place? In this fun, rhyming board book for children ages 2-6, Sammy discovers that God made him sticky stuck on purpose so that he can help his community of friends!

    A story about learning the importance of being yourself, God Made You to Be You is sure to delight and encourage young readers with the reminder that God has a special purpose and plan for each of us!

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  • Clever Cub Explores Gods Creation


    Clever Cub is a curious little bear who LOVES to cuddle up with the Bible and learn about God.

    Clever Cub snuggles up with Mama Bear on a dark night as she tells him how God filled the empty world with life. Follow along as Clever Cub learns about how God created sky, water, mountains, beaches-and clever cubs like him!

    This engaging picture book:
    *Celebrates the story of Creation in Genesis 1.
    *Helps children ages 3-6 enjoy the wonder and purpose of God’s design.
    *Includes questions about the story’s theme and ideas for learning more in the Bible.

    Clever Cub Explores God’s Creation is part of the delightful Clever Cub children’s book series. Also check out Clever Cub Welcomes Baby Jesus, Clever Cub Sings to God, and Clever Cub Gives Thanks to God.

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  • Blessing Of You


    Through engaging rhyme, pastor and bestselling author Mark Batterson and his daughter encourage young children to discover the joys of both counting their blessings and being a blessing to others.

    If you’ll open your eyes to the joys all around, / so many blessings wait to be found.

    As they absorb the truths woven into this picture book, even the youngest readers can learn to walk through the world with their eyes open for signs of God’s love and blessing, from the smell of cookies baking in the oven to the fun of giggling with a favorite cousin. And as they make a practice of counting their blessings, two by two, children will also discover how being a blessing to others doubles their fun. This delightful picture book nurtures the habits of gratitude and kindness that make life more enjoyable for everyone.

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  • World Is Awake For Little Ones


    This joyful journey through an ordinary day inspires children to be thankful for all of God’s blessings that surround them. From blooming flowers in the backyard to the roaring animals at the zoo … the world is awake!

    Written by ABC News correspondent and bestselling author Linsey Davis and paired with lush, whimsical illustrations by Lucy Fleming, The World Is Awake for Little Ones: A Celebration of Everyday Blessings is a lyrical walk through a day filled with love as seen through the magnificent world of our Creator. Engaging and uplifting, this board book reminds young children they are safely cradled in the hands of God, surrounded by all his wonderful blessings.

    This is the day the Lord has made. A butterfly floats through the sun and the shade, while dragonflies flit past the flowers and trees and grasshoppers hop in the soft morning breeze.

    The World Is Awake:

    *Combines ABC News correspondent Linsey Davis’s lyrical rhymes with Lucy Fleming’s whimsical art

    *Is an inspiring and reassuring story for boys and girls about being thankful for the everyday blessings that surround them

    *Is the perfect read-aloud board book for young kids

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  • Any Time Any Place Any Prayer


    When children have something on their minds, they tend to run to their parents and caregivers. Wouldn’t it be great if they also learned that they can talk to God about anything and everything because Jesus has made that possible?

    This beautifully illustrated Bible storybook, by Risen Motherhood co-founder Laura Wifler, takes children on a journey from the start of the Bible story to the end. From Eden and God’s presence, through the fall, redemption, and the Spirit’s presence with us now, to our presence with God in the future, God has always made a way for his people to talk with him. Children will learn a biblical understanding of prayer, why it’s amazing, and that they can enjoy talking with God about anything, anytime, anywhere.

    Includes Jesus’ teaching on the Lord’s Prayer to help children know how to pray.

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  • Hockey Every Day Every Way


    Hockey Every Day, Every Way, the third book in the Drop the Cup series, is inspired by Lila, a real-life hockey player with cerebral palsy who also happens to be one of the fastest skaters on ice. When her family moves to Hockeytown, USA, right before Valentine’s Day, she’s afraid she won’t fit in, but her fellow hockey players make her feel right at home.

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  • Hooray For Hockey Day


    Hooray for Hockey Day continues the story of brothers Blaine and Cullen, and their love of ice hockey, while introducing new characters like Ann, who also has Down syndrome like Blaine, and Aiden, a hockey player with one leg. The kids decide to write to their governor to make Hockey Day a state holiday–and succeed beyond their wildest dreams.

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  • Its Hockey Season


    It’s Hockey Season tells the tale of two brothers, Blaine and Cullen, who love ice hockey and each other. Cullen is the all-star team captain and his brother Blaine, who has Down syndrome, is the team manager. Blaine is clearly the unsung hero of the team; his leadership and unselfish actions speak louder than words. Young readers are able to learn respect and a better understanding for the challenges individuals with special needs face on a daily basis.

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  • Lets Find Joy


    Jesus has a treasure for us–JOY! It’s like happiness times a million–because joy is for ALWAYS! Not just when things seem good or easy or fair. When things are hard, joy is still there. Let’s go on a scavenger hunt for clues that make joy our treasure. Ready . . . set . . . GO!

    Think of our world today–a global pandemic, racial injustice, social distancing, explosive politics. And if adults struggle to maintain a healthy portion of joy in this uncertain world, can you imagine how our kids feel? In addition to the unusual struggles of today, add everyday normal kid problems: school anxiety, bullying, technology overload, body image issues, peer pressure . . . kids are more at risk than we ever realized. Many think our children will be dealing with the mental health ramifications of today for years to come.

    But it doesn’t have to be that way! If kids rely on this world to make them happy, the struggles will only deepen. But what if they could learn about joy? Like, real, unwavering, not-dependent-on-their-circumstances, joy? This joy can only be found in Jesus–and there are specific steps kids can take to train themselves to choose joy every day.

    Based on best-selling author Shaunti Feldhahn’s devotional “Find Joy: A Devotional Journey To Unshakable Wonder in an Uncertain World”, this beautiful children’s book gives kids the opportunity to go on an adventure for the treasure that only Jesus can give us–JOY! By following 8 clues on a treasure map (based on the 8 elements in Find Joy), children learn the daily choices that will profoundly impact their heads and hearts and give them a treasure that Jesus was born for–to give joy to all people, everywhere.

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  • Little Pilgrims Progress Illustrated Edition


    A classic work of literature, adapted for children and beautifully illustrated.

    Perceiving the need for a simpler version of a timeless classic, Helen Taylor faithfully adapted John Bunyan’s allegory of the Christian life, The Pilgrim’s Progress, for young readers-hoping to bring its treasury of wisdom nearer to children’s hearts and minds. That version has sold over 800,000 copies! It preserves the original plotlines of Bunyan’s classic while telling the story of Little Christian and Christiana in a way that kids can understand.

    In this fresh, imaginative new edition, award-winning illustrator Joe Sutphin portrays the characters of Bunyan’s tale as furry creatures living in a woodland realm. Children will delight in the lavish illustrations, reading alongside their parents or interacting on their own with the timeless words and beautiful imagery that they discover on every page.

    This book will help children see the trials and triumphs of faithfulness with fresh eyes, leading them to declare along with Christian, “I am going to the King!”

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  • Bible Promise Book 500 Scriptures For Brave Boys


    500 Bible Promises for Brave Boys!

    Barbour’s Bible Promise Books are perennial bestsellers, with millions of copies in print.
    Now, The Bible Promise Book is available in a brand-new Brave Boys edition.  Featuring dozens of timeless topics to help boys grow in life and faith God’s way-including serving, loving, trusting, obeying, praying, and dozens more-your young readers ages 8 and up will find hundreds of verses from the Bible that will help them discover the path to a courageous life.

    The Bible Promise Book : 500 Scriptures for Brave Boys is ideal for personal use as well as churches and ministries.

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  • Berenstain Bears Bears On Time


    Encourages children that doing your best to keep your word and be on time is not only the polite thing to do, it’s also the right thing to do in this inspiring story from the Berenstain Bears Living Lights collection.

    The Bear family is a busy family. They have lots to do like getting to school and soccer practice and music lessons and the grocery store. They have to go to the doctor, the dentist, the vet, the barber, and even the beauty parlor every now and then.

    The trouble is, everyone is always running late.

    The family gathers around the Storybook Bible and learns a powerful lesson from Jonah, giving them a renewed purpose and focus. Inspired by the good advice from the Bible, Papa Bear comes up with a lateness plan … but will the rest of the Bear family stick with it?

    The Berenstain Bears Bears on Time:
    *Is an inspiring book from the bestselling The Berenstain Bears brand
    *Gently encourages children 4-8 to think about their own manners and etiquette
    *Is a welcome addition to the popular Zonderkidz Living Lights series with over 10 million copies sold since 2008

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  • Anxious For Nothing For Young Readers


    Written for kids ages 8-12, this Bible-based book draws on content from Max Lucado’s bestselling book Anxious for Nothing to help young people overcome the anxiety and pressures of today’s world and come to a deeper understanding of God’s constant, loving presence.

    In this chaotic age of social media, packed schedules, and an increasing awareness of the world’s problems, it’s normal for young people to feel overwhelmed sometimes. But the good news of the gospel has not changed. This encouraging, let’s-start-now book is the perfect tool to help tweens take control of their feelings and choose to focus on God’s truth.

    This much-needed book adapts content from You Are Not Alone as well as from Anxious for Nothing, which has sold over 900,000 copies. With the warmth and authenticity that has made him a beloved pastor and writer, Max Lucado offers young readers:
    *biblical hope and powerful strategies to help them flourish under the mounting struggles of the middle grade years
    *encouragement that God is near, He cares, and He listens
    *truths to claim for themselves in difficult moments
    *practical ways to work through their worries and rely on God’s faithfulness

    This special edition of Anxious for Nothing also includes:
    *a note to kids from the author
    *age-appropriate application questions and activities that guide kids in Christ-focused mindfulness
    *callouts and infographics featuring key verses, facts, and takeaways
    *sidebars addressing technology-related stress

    Practical, motivating, and biblically grounded, Anxious for Nothing (Young Readers Edition) is a timely book for any tween who sometimes feels overwhelmed, lonely, or anxious, or who simply wants to know more of God’s abundant joy and peace.

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  • When I Hold You


    Many new mothers are overwhelmed with the love they feel for their children-an experience they cannot quite put into words. Where does such all-encompassing emotion come from? Directly from the heart of God! With lyrical rhyme and Scripture throughout, When I Hold You is a gentle, joyful, celebratory poem that draws the comparison between a mother’s bond with her child and the nurturing love God has for us.

    A perfect gift for any new or existing mother, When I Hold You captures the universal experience of a mother’s love for her children. As children listen to the words, they will relish the reminder of both God’s and their mother’s abiding love for them. Both mother and child will be invited to worship their heavenly Father, whose everlasting love sustains us.

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  • Jesus Loves Everybody


    My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. –Jesus

    Just imagine what our world would look like if we loved everyone just like Jesus!

    Did you know the Bible is filled with all sorts of people: from stinky fishermen to little children to people who looked the same and people who didn’t? There were people who made good choices and bad ones, were happy or sad, and everything in between. Yet, Jesus was sent to love them all!

    Jesus tells us in the Bible to love others how He loves us. (And guess what? He loves everybody!) With colorful illustrations, fun prose, and surprises on every page, children will start seeing people through the beautiful lens of God, worthy of being loved, because… Jesus loves everybody!

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  • 100 Extraordinary Word Search Puzzles For Courageous Girls


    In a world full of bad examples, girls can use some real role models- like these 100 God-honoring women from the Bible, history, and today.

    Based on Barbour’s popular 100 Extraordinary Stories for Courageous Girls, this word search collection features 100 puzzles based on the stories of women like:
    *Naomi and Ruth of the Old Testament
    *Mary, the mother of Jesus
    *author Jane Austen
    *World War II heroine Corrie ten Boom
    *civil rights icon Rosa Parks

    Created especially for 8- to 12-year-olds, 100 Extraordinary Word Search Puzzles for Courageous Girls will provide hours of education and entertainment, challenging girls to be the world-changers God created them to be.

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  • 100 Adventurous Word Search Puzzles For Brave Boys


    In a world full of bad examples, boys can use some real role models- like these 100 God-honoring men from the Bible, history, and today.

    Based on Barbour’s popular 100 Adventurous Stories for Brave Boys, this word search collection features 100 puzzles based on the stories of men like:
    *the apostle Paul
    *John the Baptist
    *missionary martyr Jim Elliot
    *evangelist Billy Graham
    *football coach Tony Dungy

    Created especially for 8- to 12-year-olds, 100 Adventurous Word Search Puzzles for Brave Boys will provide hours of education and entertainment, challenging boys to be the history-makers God created them to be.

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  • Where Did My Giggle Go


    A whimsical board book from New York Times bestselling author Max Lucado, Where Did My Giggle Go? helps your kids process their emotions in a fun, healthy way so they can transform from grumpy to laugh-out-loud happy.

    “I felt kind of cranky. I felt kind of sad. I can’t tell you why, but I even felt mad.” For every child who sometimes feels out of sorts and doesn’t know why, Where Did My Giggle Go? helps normalize and dissipate negative emotions in a delightful way.

    A perfect read-aloud, Where Did My Giggle Go? provides:
    *A natural way for you to talk with your kids about how we all get sad sometimes
    *A reminder that we can help others find their happiness

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  • Colors : Celebrating All The Colors In God s Rainbow


    “Long ago, when God first formed the sand and sea and sky,

    He smiled and said, ‘There’s one more special thing I ought to try.'”

    Our Creator used wonderful, diverse colors when making the animals, plants, and terrain of our world. He took the same loving care when He made each child unique and special in their gifts, appearance, and personality. In Colors, your child will learn how God delights in His world and how He brings all people together as a beautiful rainbow reflecting the many facets of His love.

    “God gathered all the colors, bold and brilliant, pale and bright,
    for each had very special gifts of warmth and joy and light.”

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  • God Made Us Just Right


    No need to compare–God has a reason for creating everyone just the way they are!

    How come puppies get to bark, but kittens can’t? Why do elephants have such long trunks when other animals don’t risk tripping over their noses? What’s the point of all these differences?

    Through playful illustrations of animals and warmhearted words in rhyme, young children will see God as their loving creator. God Made Us Just Right helps them realize that God has a reason for creating us just the way we are.

    Kids who are always asking, “Why, Mom?” and “How come, Dad?” will easily relate to the back-and-forth question-and-answer format. It’s a book the whole family will enjoy.

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  • Indescribable For Little Ones


    Discover the wonders of God’s creation! Bestselling author and pastor Louie Giglio brings Indescribable for Little Ones, an interactive board book that will introduce the littlest readers to God’s amazing world. Young children will be awestruck as they pull tabs and turn a wheel to reveal that everything, from the ants on the ground to the stars in the sky, was made by God.

    Louie’s popular kids’ devotional, Indescribable: 100 Devotions About God and Science, has touched hundreds of thousands of families by sharing incredible scientific facts alongside the wonder of God’s majesty. Now this same message is made easy for little ones, focusing on four areas of creation:

    This STEM-themed board book:
    *Is perfect for little hands and motor skills development with interactive pull tabs and wheels

    *Would be a brilliant gift for baby showers, birthdays, Easter baskets, and holiday gifting

    *Includes fun facts and Bible truths

    Kids will be in awe and have fun as they discover that everything, from the ants on the ground to the stars in the sky, was made by God.

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  • Betty Confetti : An Inspirational Story About God At Work


    An upbeat, fun-to-read children’s story about how God creates beauty from our mistakes.

    We all make mistakes. What’s important is how we respond when we do. In this charming little story about Betty, we get to watch as her best efforts in art class don’t quite measure up to her expectations. But does that mean Betty hangs her head low, never to bounce back again? Absolutely not. In this playful, fun storybook, children will learn they can give their mistakes and imperfections to God, and He will make something beautiful out of them-maybe even something as beautiful and fun as confetti! Betty Confetti breaks the myth of perfection and instills in children the foundational truth that even when we mess up, God is still working in our lives, and our stories aren’t over because:

    God walks our journeys with us, He knows us the very best,
    Even when we make mistakes, He doesn’t love us any less.

    So next time you mess up in life, don’t run and hide your face,
    Turn your mess into confetti, friend, give yourself some grace.

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  • Bronco And Friends Party To Remember


    Heisman Trophy winner, multi-sport athlete, special needs advocate, and positive role model Tim Tebow encourages children to embrace their unique qualities in his first book for children, a winning tale based on his sweet pup, Bronco.

    Bronco received an invitation to a party, but he can’t find the puzzle piece everyone is supposed to bring. During his search, he encounters a variety of friends with their own set of worries: a flightless bird, an allergic goat, and a clumsy bunny. The animals team up to find both Bronco’s puzzle piece and the party, arriving to discover that the party is in their honor!

    This sweet story of animals with different challenges and abilities is core to Tim Tebow’s message to fans and friends of any age who are specially abled. Getting invited to the party is exciting–but bringing your own particular gifts makes it more fun for everyone. Tim Tebow wants everyone to know that’s how God sees them: special, unique, and essential to the party.

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  • Near : Psalm 139


    From Sally Lloyd-Jones, the author of the bestselling The Jesus Storybook Bible, comes an uplifting new board book in a soft padded format that is a perfect fit for little hands. Inspired by Psalm 139-which begins, “O Lord, you have searched me and you know me”-Near’s lyrical text reminds little ones that God is with them anywhere they go in God’s wide world.

    God is my Father who made everything.And I am a little explorer of the wide world.

    He is near meAnd he protects me.

    He sees meAnd he knows me.

    He is strongAnd he looks after me.He is with me-always!

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  • 3 Minute Devotions For Courageous Girls


    Got 3 minutes, courageous girl?

    Take a few moments of your day to quiet your spirit, think on God’s amazing love for you, and make a meaningful connection with your heavenly Father with these 3-minute readings designed just for you!

    Minute 1: meditate on a scripture selection
    Minute 2: read through a devotional created just for you
    Minute 3: read a prayer designed to help jump-start your conversation with God

    In only 3 short minutes, you’ll be on your way to a beautifully courageous spirit! This delightful devotional packs a powerful dose of comfort, encouragement, and inspiration into dozens readings designed to meet you right where you are in life.

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  • 3 Minute Devotions For Brave Boys


    Got 3 minutes, brave boy?

    Take a few moments of your day to quiet your heart, think on God’s amazing love for you, and make a meaningful connection with your heavenly Father with these 3-minute readings designed just for you!

    Minute 1: meditate on a scripture selection
    Minute 2: read through a devotional created just for you
    Minute 3: read a prayer designed to help jump-start your conversation with God

    In only 3 short minutes, you’ll be on your way to a mighty brave spirit! This delightful devotional packs a powerful dose of comfort, encouragement, and inspiration into dozens readings designed to meet you right where you are in life.

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  • God You Make Me Feel Childrens Book Set


    Presenting colorful pictures and fun prose, the God, You Make Me Feel series is a wonderful way to connect a child to the greatest source of love: their Heavenly Father.

    With inspiration from Jeremiah 1:5, Katie Kenny Phillips uses candid, grateful expressions of how God makes children feel special, loved and safe. They hear whispers from Scripture that confirm His abundant love for them.

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  • Dare To Be A Courageous Girl


    This delightfully unique journal will challenge the courageous girls in your life to live boldly for God!

    With each turn of the page, girls ages 8 to 12 will encounter a new “dare” from the easy-to-understand New Life Version of scripture alongside a brief devotional reading and thought-provoking journal prompt or “challenge” that encourages them to take action and obey God’s Word.

    Challenges include:
    *Dare to Be Courageous
    *Dare to Be Kind
    *Dare to Love Your Neighbor
    *Dare to Tell the Truth
    *Dare to Be Thankful

    Each “dare” will inspire and motivate girls to grow in their faith as they think about how they can make a difference in the world.

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  • Chosen : Claiming Your Kingdom Purpose


    You are a chosen, beloved child of the King. You have a purpose specifically planned for you by God Himself. You are chosen by God to be exactly who you are at this moment in time.Chosen, the third book in the popular Generation Claimed series, uses tender endearments and promises pulled directly from Scripture that parents can read over their children to teach them God’s promises for their lives.

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  • God You Make Me Feel Safe


    “God, I don’t have to be scared because you are always with me. From the top of the tallest mountain–to the bottom of the deepest ocean, you’re there! (And everywhere in between!)”

    God, You Make Me Feel Safe is the third book in the “God, You Make Me Feel” series of sweet conversations between children and God.

    In candid, grateful expressions of how God makes them feel, children hear whispers from Scripture confirming His abundant love for them. With colorful pictures and fun prose, God, You Make Me Feel Safe is a wonderful way to connect a child to the greatest source of love beyond yours: their Heavenly Father.

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  • God Speaks In Whispers


    Children often begin their faith journey with basic but big questions like How does God speak to me? This charming picture book from the best-selling author of Whisper and his daughter provides a fun and clever answer!

    God Speaks in Whispers helps even the youngest readers look for God’s voice in the universe: in creation, as he speaks through his followers, and in the Bible as he speaks through his Word. With a charming rhyme pattern and vivid pictures, Mark and Summer Batterson invite little ones to imagine how God might be showing them love every day, by leaning in close to hear God’s whisper.

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  • Different Like Me


    God made each of us unique, but sometimes these differences can leave us feeling like a fish out of water. In Different Like Me, follow a diverse group of children as they work together to help a giant fish balloon toward a surprising conclusion that will delight children. Celebrate our differences and uncover what we have in common on this whimsical journey that reminds readers that no matter how different, all of us are a part of God’s wonderful creation.

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  • Wherever You Go I Want You To Know


    Tells children that whatever they do and wherever they go, your greatest hope is that they will love and follow Jesus.

    Kids love to dream about what they might do when they grow up: jobs they might have, places they might go, people they might meet. And parents and carers love to encourage and support them. But for Christian parents and carers, their greatest hope for their children, their dream of all dreams, is that whatever their kids do and wherever they go, they will love and follow Jesus.

    As children embark on life’s journey with all their potential and aspirations, express to them your biggest dream with this beautiful illustrated rhyming children’s book.

    As well as teaching children about the only thing that really matters in life, this book also reminds parents that telling their kids about Jesus is more important than anything else.

    Makes a wonderful gift for a wide range of children-from 3 year olds to 8 year olds and even beyond-for birthdays, Christmas or graduation.

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  • God You Make Me Feel Special


    “God, you make me feel special because you knew me from the beginning. Even before my birthday!”

    God, You Make Me Feel Special is the first book in the God, You Make Me Feel series, which offers sweet conversations between children and God.

    With inspiration from Jeremiah 1:5, Katie Kenny Phillips uses candid, grateful expressions of how God makes children feel. They hear whispers from Scripture that confirm His abundant love for them.

    Presenting colorful pictures and fun prose, God, You Make Me Feel Special is a wonderful way to connect a child to the greatest source of love: their Heavenly Father.

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  • Berenstain Bears Love Is Kind


    In The Berenstain Bears Love is Kind, good manners have been wearing a little thin in the Bear family’s tree house. Maybe the bears just woke up on the wrong side of bed. Maybe they’re all so busy that they’re getting grouchy and cranky. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that things are on the wrong track in the politeness department. Grizzly Gran does not approve. But rather than scold, she brings the Bears a gift-a handmade sampler with a gentle reminder from 1 Corinthians about how important love and respect are. Before long, Gran’s idea works, and the whole family begins to sound more like their kind and polite selves again.

    This important addition to the popular Berenstain Bear Living Lights series-beloved by parents, grandparents, caregivers, and children alike-will quickly earn a top spot on children’s bookshelves. The kid-friendly text and easy-to-read, easy-to-remember Scripture verses teach valuable life lessons, encourage discussion, and take you down memory lane with each subsequent reading.

    Parents, grandparents, and caregivers looking for a Bible-based, read-aloud story that helps children understand the importance of being kind and showing good manners need look no further than another soon-to-be classic in the Living Lights series-The Berenstain Bears Love is Kind!

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  • What Gods Word Says About Bullying


    Bullying stinks.
    God cares.
    The Bible helps.

    Here’s a nice little book on a big, bad problem: What God’s Word Says about Bullying will help you deal with one of society’s most troubling issues.

    Brand-new in the Bible Promise Book(R) lineup, this book covers 23 topics related to bullying, including:
    *the Golden Rule
    *and more

    You’ll see how God wants you to treat others–and the help and encouragement He offers if you’re dealing with a bully.

    Brief devotions are accompanied by helpful Bible verses and prayers to guide you (or your friends) through the storm and into God’s peace.

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  • 123s Of How I Love You


    The 123s of How I Love You combines a generous dose of love with a big pinch of education. With playful illustrations and original music, this book introduces young children to counting, using a clever poem that celebrates the love parents have for their children. Parents can personalize the book by inserting a picture of their child in the provided pocket.

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