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    • Evangelicals : The Struggle To Shape America


      In The Evangelicals: the Struggle to Shape America, Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Frances FitzGerald tells the powerful, dramatic story of the Evangelical movement in America, describing the profound ways in which evangelicals have shaped our nation, our culture, and our politics. Covering

      FitzGerald’s sweeping and authoritative account of Evangelicalism provides a groundbreaking work of American history, piecing together this centuries-long story for the first time. Spanning from the Puritan era to the 2016 presidential election, FitzGerald covers the initial establishment of evangelicalism as a populist rebellion against the established Protestant churches; the split between modernists and traditionalists after the Civil War; the emergence of the fundamentalist-modernist conflict and subsequent national culture wars; and the rising Christian right of Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and James Dobson that helped turn the South into a Republican stronghold. She also describes how a new generation of evangelicals is challenging the Christian right by preaching social justice and the common good.

      While white evangelical constitute 25 percent of American voters and are splintering and dwindling in numbers, FitzGerald believes evangelicalism has been and will continue to be important for years to come. This story, brilliantly and colorfully told in The Evangelicals, is a vital part of how the country came to be what it is.

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    • Basic Church History Time Line Pamphlet


      This visual Church History Time Line includes a Denominations Chart so you can see when various Christian churches started. This horizontal time line starts from the time of Jesus and continues to modern day. Packed with hundreds of events and people, this time line makes it easy to see:
      *Church growth
      *Christian expansion in other countries
      *History of Bible Translation
      *Martyrs, monks, and missionaries
      *Gutenberg Bible, King James Bible, and rise of modern translations.

      Size: 8.5 x 5.5 inches, full color, glossy coating. Folds out to 38 inches. Fits in a Bible cover.

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    • Church History In Plain Language


      With more than 275,000 copies sold, this is the story of the Church for today’s readers. The fourth edition of Shelley’s classic one-volume history of the church brings the story of Christianity into the twenty-first century. This latest edition of the book takes a close look at the rapid growth of evangelical and Pentecostal Christianity in the southern hemisphere, addresses the decline in traditional mainline denominations, examines the influence of technology on the spread of the gospel, and discusses how Christianity intersects with other religions in countries all over the world.

      The concise book provides an easy-to-read guide to church history with intellectual substance. The new edition of Church History in Plain Language promises to be the new standard for readable Church History.

      Features include:
      Includes contemporary developments related to the spread of the gospel
      Discusses how technology has an impact on how the church worships and grows
      Covers the explosion of Christianity in the Southern hemisphere

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    • 101 Questions And Answers On Saints


      While there are many books on saints, this one is different. Keeping in mind the questions he has been asked by people over the years, George Evans has written a book in popular question-and-answer format that treats not only the saints’ existence, place, and functions, but also the kind of honor given to them in the Church’s liturgy and life.The author treats such topics as beatification and canonization; hagiography, the study of the lives of the saints; and the role of saints in art.An informational text as well as a book to pick up now and then for entertaining reading, this book offers readers a deeper sense of why the saints and the honoring of them has been influential in the lives of Catholics and others who strive to follow Jesus Christ and experience his love. It is a happy medium between the scholarly and devotional books that are its competition.

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