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  • Addiction : A Family Affair


    How To Use This Book
    1. Your Situation
    2. The Shape Of The Family
    3. The Cuckoo In The Nest
    4. Compensating For The Cuckoo
    5. Confronting The Cuckoo
    6. Launching The Cuckoo
    7. We Have An Anchor For The Soul

    Additional Info
    So often, a counselor hears and sees only one side of a story: that of the substance abuser. It would be helpful, however, to know how the abuser’s family is coping. Do they see the progress the abuser claims to be making? Is everything really going as well as claimed? Very often the abuser has a rather myopic view of his problem: everything is okay at home, when, in fact, the family is at its wits’ end, frustrated, angry, and ready to throw in the towel. They have tried everything they can think of to fix their loved one and to stop him from using. They don’t have much faith that this current round of counseling is going to get very far. They have been burned too many times already.

    Addiction: A Family Affair is designed to encourage loved ones to tell their side of the story and, in return, to receive solid Biblical counsel for how to cope and how to respond to the abuser. Even if the abuser will not seek counseling, this material will help loved ones respond Biblically to the abuser and know what options they have.

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  • Marriage Divorce And Remarriage In The Bible


    19 Chapters

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    The book succeeds at being exactly what the author wanted it to be: a comprehensive, lucid, accurate study presented in a readable and practical style It is a valuable resource for the pastor, the counselor, and the church leader, as well as other individuals who are struggling to understand and apply scriptural principles to the problems of divorce and remarriage.

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