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Death and Dying

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  • Someone I Love Died


    From best-selling and beloved author Christne Harder Tangvald comes an updated and revised edition of her classic book of comfort for grieving children, filled with heart-healing words, fresh watercolor illustrations, and practical resources that help adults guide children through loss.

    First published in 1988, Someone I Love Died has long comforted the hearts of children 4 to 8 who have lost someone close. It gently leads children through grief with age-appropriate words and solid biblical truth that understands a child’s hurting heart. The added interactive resources ensure this book will become a treasured keepsake. Once complete, children create a memory book of the loved one’s life. And it offers grown-ups a tool that turns what could be a difficult season into a meaningful time of healing.

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  • What Happens When I Die


    1. Why Is Death A Problem?
    2. How Can I Be Sure?
    3. What Will Happen To My Body?
    4. What Will It Be Like To Die?
    5. How Do We Cope With Bereavement?
    6. What Will Life Be Like In Eternity?

    Additional Info
    We all have questions about death. Despite the strong assurance the Bible gives us about life beyond the grave, Christians are often troubled by other questions. What will happen on the day of judgement? Will we have bodies in heaven? Will there be rewards?

    These short, simple books are designed to help Christians understand what God has said about these questions in the scriptures.

    Suitable for all Christians – especially those with questions about death.

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  • God Gave Us Heaven


    Little Cub awakens one morning with some important questions on her mind. What is heaven like? How do we get there? Will we eat in heaven? Will we be angels?

    During a delightful day spent wandering their arctic world, Papa gently answers each question, assuring Little Cub that heaven is a wonderful place, ” a million times better” than she can imagine. He explains how God has made a way for those who love Him to enter their heavenly home forever after their lives on earth are over.

    Through captivating, full-color illustrations and tender, biblically sound storytelling, young readers and those who love them will find reasons to rejoice in knowing that God gave us heaven.

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