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    • When God Says No


      No is not a four-letter word, but it certainly feels like one.

      It’s one thing to feel God’s love when life goes your way, but what happens to your faith when life doesn’t go as you had planned?

      When prayers go unanswered and dreams unfulfilled?

      When the sick stay sick and the dead do not rise?

      When you’re lost in the desert and the Promised Land seems like empty promise?

      When God says, No, how do you grapple with disappointment?

      Author Elizabeth Laing Thompson walks alongside readers as she tackles the difficulties that stymie our faith, stifle our prayers, and stunt our relationship with God. When God Says, No will help you to discover hope when life feels hopeless, good in what feels bad, and new dreams when old ones have died. This book is a fantastic reminder of Who is in charge-Who He is and how He works. How He loves us and why He limits us. The better we know Him, the more we understand that He says No to a few things, so He might say Yes to many more.

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    • Fully Known : An Invitation To True Intimacy With God


      We were made for intimacy–spiritual intimacy with God that brings oneness and bears powerful fruit. We were made to know Him and be known by Him, fully. So why do we often feel burnt-out, distant, and disheartened in our journey of faith? How do we cultivate true intimacy with God? And what does His design of physical, sexual intimacy unveil of the full gospel story?

      Sharing Word-backed, Holy Spirit-breathed revelation with humility and openhanded honesty, New York Times bestselling author Mo Aiken walks alongside us through the beauty and power of life lived in active communion with God, rather than the self-seeking, counterfeit faith we’ve settled for. Unpacking eternity-defining concepts that have become confusing, offensive, or altogether ignored–like submission, repentance, sanctification, holiness, and discipline–Mo shows us how God has given us a physical model of spiritual intimacy through His design of marriage, sex, and family. Exposing many roots of selfishness and perversion we see so often in our relationships, both human and divine, she invites us to pure-hearted and transformational communion with our Creator.

      If you’ve felt far from God, caught in broken relationships, dead in religion, and longing to be fully known, join Mo on this journey of return to right-natured intimacy with our First Love.

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    • Well Watered Woman


      Discover the bottomless, refreshing Well of God’s Word-and experience a fullness and peace beyond your circumstances.In the chaos of our everyday, it can be difficult to live out and apply the truths of Scripture. We want more of Jesus, but we find ourselves looking to our own lives and accomplishments for our worth and identity. And while that may buoy us for a time, we’re often left feeling dried up, discouraged, and longing for more.

      Gretchen Saffles knows what it’s like to feel overwhelmed and unable to flourish. In The Well-Watered Woman, Gretchen leads us to the Well of fullness, the Word of freedom, and the Way of fruitfulness. She teaches that God’s Word will satisfy us for all eternity.Using Scripture and her own personal story of surrender, Gretchen offers spiritually hungry women tangible tools to not only know Jesus more but to live a life that thoroughly enjoys Him, seeks Him, and follows Him into freedom.

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    • Kingdom Men Rising


      God is good and powerful and wants the best for your life. He has big plans for you. You believe these things are true. But what is your own responsibility as a man when it comes to becoming all God created you to be? How can you walk in victory and faith and make an impact on others for God?

      Kingdom Men Rising challenges men to foster personal discipleship and apply discipleship skills and a leadership mindset to all areas of life. Dr. Tony Evans brings his insights, stories, and wise counsel from God’s Word to clear all obstacles in your path, leading you to the abundant life you’ve been called to live. And along the way, you’ll find your heart stirred to reach for more, no longer settling for a faith that just goes through the motions. The life of King David is used as the book’s foundation, and topics include overcoming temptation, restoration from sin, how to disciple others, and finally how to leave a legacy of faith and godly influence.

      Replace helplessness, boredom, and regret with vibrancy, power, and joy. Let Kingdom Men Rising help you take the next step in your faith to become the powerful man of God you were made to be.

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    • 10 Words To Live By


      New from the Best-Selling Author of Women of the Word

      In Ten Words to Live By, Jen Wilkin reminds readers of the life-giving power of God’s perfect law for the believer. The Ten Commandments are words God spoke to a nation recently set free. They are words about obedience and holiness?timeless in their importance and wisdom. Yet today these same words are often misunderstood, forgotten, or simply ignored.

      Wilkin teaches readers how the Ten Commandments come to bear on their lives today, helping them to love God and others, live in joyful freedom, and long for that future day when God will be rightly worshiped for eternity. Ancient and timeless, these words cannot be overlooked. They serve as the rightful delight and daily meditation of those who call on the name of the Lord.

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    • Can You Still Trust God


      When things are going your way, trusting the Lord is easy. But when painful trials, unmet needs, or lost dreams assail, do you wonder if God can still be trusted?

      What do you do when facing a challenge that seems insurmountable? Do you believe God can be trusted? In Can You Still Trust God?, Charles Stanley reveals three essential beliefs for trusting God:
      1. God is perfect in His love
      2. God is infinite in wisdom, and
      3. God is absolutely sovereign

      Even when you cannot understand why God would allow certain situations to occur, these core beliefs form the basis for trusting Him. Your ability to receive the blessings God has for you is determined by the degree to which these wise truths are embedded in your soul.

      Stanley then presents five blessings that can be yours when you choose to believe God can be trusted, even when you do not know what the next day will bring. You can face any circumstance with confidence and hope because it is not your strength, wisdom, energy, or power that is the ultimate source of victory. It is God’s ability. When you trust Him, you tap into an eternal force that cannot be harnessed by any human constraints.

      Can You Still Trust God? is a message of hope for Christians struggling to reconcile the suffering and turmoil in the world with a loving God. Pastors, ministers, and Bible study leaders will find a resource for teaching their communities about God’s promises and how to deepen their trust in Him.

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    • Conquering The Chaos In Your Mind


      Are You Harassed by Thoughts That Just Won’t Leave You Alone?

      So many people are harassed by thoughts, crippled by anxiety and depression, and even paralyzed by fear. Maybe that’s been your experience. But while thoughts do come, they can also be made to go. You can conquer the chaos!

      Pastor Eddie Turner had a powerful vision in which Jesus appeared and taught him how to control oppressive thoughts. In Conquering the Chaos in Your Mind, Pastor Turner imparts these critical lessons to you, offering insight on…

      *Jesus’ will for your thought life
      *The anatomy of a mental stronghold
      *How your thoughts dictate your destiny
      *Practicing the mind of Christ
      *Scriptures for calming the chaos

      Don’t ever be bullied by thoughts again. God has promised you peace, joy, and abundant life. And Jesus tells you exactly how to think your way there!

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    • Captivating : Unveiling The Mystery Of A Woman’s Soul (Expanded)


      The bestselling book that has transformed the lives of millions of women, revised and expanded.

      What Wild at Heart does for men, Captivating does for women: set their hearts free. This groundbreaking book helps readers by:
      *providing a look into the glorious design of women;
      *describing how the feminine heart can be restored;
      *casting a vision for the power, freedom, and beauty of a woman released to be all she was meant to be; and
      *healing the trauma of the past.

      The message of Captivating is this: your heart matters more than anything else in all creation. The desires you had as a little girl and the longings you still feel as a woman are telling you of the life God created you to live. He offers to come now as the Hero of your story, to rescue your heart and release you to live as a fully alive and feminine woman–a woman who is truly captivating.

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    • Wild At Heart Expanded Edition (Expanded)


      The bestselling book that has revolutionized the lives of millions of men, revised and expanded.

      John Eldredge has revised and expanded his phenomenal bestseller, Wild at Heart, and invites men to become most complete selves by:
      *recovering their masculine heart;
      *seeing themselves in the image of a passionate God; and
      *delighting in the strength and wildness that they were created to offer.

      In this life-changing book, John Eldredge provides a look inside the true heart of a man and gives men permission to be what God designed them to be–dangerous, passionate, alive, and free.

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    • Wisdom Pyramid : Feeding Your Soul In A Post-Truth World


      What is the true source of wisdom?

      Today’s world has more and more information readily available, but less and less wisdom. Many people seek to acquire wisdom from easily accessible sources such as social media and popular culture but are often misled. How should Christians acquire wisdom in today’s media-saturated culture?

      Inspired by the concept of the food pyramid, Brett McCracken presents a biblical paradigm for wisdom in today’s distracted age, illustrating his argument through a wisdom pyramid. McCracken suggests a balanced, healthy diet of information from sources ranked in order of importance-the Bible, the church, nature, books, beauty, and lastly, the internet and social media. By focusing on lasting and reliable sources of wisdom, and by being more discerning about the information they consume, Christians will become wiser-not for their own glorification, but ultimately for God’s.

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    • Winning The War In Your Mind


      Are your thoughts out of control–just like your life? Do you long to break free from the spiral of destructive thinking? Let God’s truth become your battle plan to win the war in your mind!

      We’ve all tried to think our way out of bad habits and unhealthy thought patterns, only to find ourselves stuck with an out-of-control mind and off-track daily life. Pastor and New York Times bestselling author Craig Groeschel understands deeply this daily battle against self-doubt and negative thinking, and in this powerful new book he reveals the strategies he’s discovered to change your mind and your life for the long-term.

      Drawing upon Scripture and the latest findings of brain science, Groeschel lays out practical strategies that will free you from the grip of harmful, destructive thinking and enable you to live the life of joy and peace that God intends you to live. Winning the War in Your Mind will help you:

      *Learn how your brain works and see how to rewire it
      *Identify the lies your enemy wants you to believe
      *Recognize and short-circuit your mental triggers for destructive thinking
      *See how prayer and praise will transform your mind
      *Develop practices that allow God’s thoughts to become your thoughts

      God has something better for your life than your old ways of thinking. It’s time to change your mind so God can change your life.

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    • U Turns : Reversing The Consequences In Your Life


      Bestselling author and renowned preacher Tony Evans concludes his series of books about God’s direction over our lives. In U-Turns, Dr. Evans shows readers the reality of human freedom, the consequences that come from negative choices, and the way to reverse those consequences.

      By aligning your life choices under God’s Word and pursuing an intimate relationship with Him, you can experience the abundant life Jesus has for you. You get to choose whether or not you want that. If you do, you will see how God can reverse the negative consequences of decisions you’ve made.

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    • They Turned The World Upside Down


      Fresh, unexpected exploration of the early church and its lessons for today from one of the most beloved voices in inspirational fiction.

      In the first century, believer didn’t just mean someone who heard and agreed with Jesus; it meant someone who acted on that belief. And when the outside world saw the faith of these new believers, they declared they turned the world upside down (Acts 17:6).

      That’s the kind of believer New York Times best-selling author Charles Martin wants to be. The kind, as Martin explored in his first nonfiction book, What If It’s True?, who understands that the truth of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection is so powerful, it reshaped history. The kind of believer who lives with that same world-changing faith today.

      They Turned the World Upside Down focuses on the lives of those who lived and walked with Jesus and believed in his message. In his beloved lyrical style, Martin illuminates key moments from scripture and shares stories from his own life as a disciple. With the same depth, sensitivity, and emotion that have made his novels beloved to millions, Martin helps us engage the fundamental principles of our faith in new and inspiring ways.

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    • In Between Place


      Jesus’ journey to the woman at the well in Samaria offers insights and hope for women today to make peace with the past, find hope in the present, and step into the future.

      God wants us to move toward the goodness He has planned for us. But what do we do when challenges stop our forward momentum? What’s the next step when we fall into a pit of despair with the determination knocked right out of us?

      On his way from Judea to Galilee, Jesus traveled through Samaria, a broken place everyone knew to avoid. In Samaria he stopped in Shechem, where evil had gained such a foothold of power that it eventually reigned. Yet the place once condemned as somewhere no one wanted to visit – let alone hang out in for a while – was the location of one Samaritan woman’s most hope-filled encounter with the Savior.

      The In-Between Place offers deeply important insights to anyone who feels stuck and can’t see a way forward. It is for the person who feels that if she looks left, her face will be scraped by an immovable boulder, and if she looks right, she’ll see nothing but hard to handle. It’s for the person who feels lost and is not sure she is worth the effort to be found, for the person who feels overlooked and unfulfilled. Because sometimes Jesus saves our greatest spiritual breakthroughs for our in-between places.

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    • Glorious Pursuit : Becoming Who God Created Us To Be


      The Glorious Pursuit examines how you can experience the long-term change that comes from following Jesus and reveal Him in how you act toward others. By examining the virtues of Christ, you’ll be introduced to a new way of experiencing Him that is authentic and gives meaning that lasts.

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    • God Will Help You


      We all experience disappointing setbacks, overwhelming loneliness, and paralyzing fear at some point in our lives. It sometimes seems as if nothing will help. In God Will Help You, bestselling author Max Lucado encourages us to trust in the God who is working miracles in the big and small things. With God, no setback is too big to solve, and no prayer goes unnoticed. God is still working.

      Each chapter offers reassurance through miracles big and small that He will meet us in the midst of life’s messes. God will help

      *if you feel anxious
      *solve your problems
      *through fear
      *if you are stuck
      *when you are lonely
      *in daily life
      *in illness
      *during grief
      *with guidance
      *to forgive

      Filled with biblical miracles, current stories, thoughts to ponder, prayers, and journaling prompts with space for reflection, this is a book you’ll look to time and time again. Help is coming!

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    • Forgiveness Journal : A Guided Journey To Forgiving What You Can’t Forget


      You deserve to stop suffering through what other people have done to you.

      Discover the life-changing message of forgiveness in this lovely four-color journal, written by Lysa TerKeurst, complete with personal photographs and interactive content. Lysa will guide you as you engage with questions about what forgiveness is, process through what it isn’t, and understand how to deal with difficult relationships.

      Over the last few years, Lysa TerKeurst has experienced seasons of total devastation that left her wondering, Will I ever recover from this? But in the face of hurt that felt impossible to move past, Lysa has found journaling to be a life-giving way to help let go of bitterness, process resentments, and live in the freedom of forgiving others. Now she is passionate about coming alongside readers on our own journeys of forgiveness, whether the deepest pain comes from years ago or is still happening today.

      In this unique interactive companion to her book Forgiving What You Can’t Forget, Lysa shares:

      *Honest reflections where she wrestles with forgiving those who hurt her the most
      *Powerful readings about forgiveness and healing
      *Encouraging quotes from Forgiving What You Can’t Forget
      *Key Scriptures related to the topic of each chapter
      *Journaling prompts for personal processing, along with space to write
      *Short prayers to get readers started in giving what you’re working on to God

      With beautiful four-color photographs of Lysa’s home and other significant places she worked through her own healing, The Forgiveness Journal is the invitation to freedom your soul needs. As Lysa writes, Forgiveness is possible. And it is good. Your heart is much too beautiful of a place for unhealed pain. Your soul is much too deserving of new possibilities to stay stuck here. And today is the perfect day to start taking steps on this unexpected, miraculous pathway to healing.

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    • What Are You Going To Do With Your Life


      God has a plan to make your life count for eternity. Stop wasting it.

      You want your life to matter. To mean something. But if you’re like most people, you probably don’t have a compelling answer to the question, What are you going to do with your life?

      In this book, J.D. Greear considers Jesus’ radical call to give your life away to the greatest cause of all. To view your life from the perspective of eternity. To start making decisions now that you’ll be glad you made then.

      It’s time to put your yes on the table and let God put it on the map.

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    • Is God Speaking To Me


      Your job is obedience. God’s job is everything else.

      If you’ve ever found yourself wondering…What is God’s plan for my life? Can He really use me?…you’re not alone. Lysa TerKeurst has wrestled through those same questions. But she’s also learned that we were absolutely created to participate in God’s divine activity and experience His rich blessings. We just have to say yes to Him!

      Through her own struggles, doubts, and honest vulnerability, Lysa equips you to:
      *reignite your passion for the Lord by discovering the incredible opportunities He’s already placed in front of you and the courage to say yes
      *know what God is speaking personally to you with practical ways to listen for His voice
      *overcome the fear that you’re not doing the Christian life right by learning radical obedience is about perfect surrender, not perfect performance
      *apply key teachings to your own situation today with helpful study questions and reflection prompts

      Get ready for a journey of joy and purpose-one that will radically bless you beyond what you can ask or imagine!

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    • Well Girl : An Inside-Out Journey To Wellness


      If you’re skinny, fat, short, tall, or somewhere in between. . .

      If you’ve ever thought that losing weight would lead to happiness. . .

      If you’ve ever avoided a mirror because you didn’t want to see your reflection. . .

      If you’ve found Jesus or you’re still searching. . .

      Well, Girl, You’ve Come to the Right Place.

      You’ll find a sassy, funny, authentic, and encouraging friend in master word weaver Jami Amerine, as she comes alongside you to share God’s overwhelming grace and patience in an inside-out journey to wellness. She’ll introduce you to a heavenly Father who adores you, right where you are. And she’ll let you have a peek into the insane ride of her life that led her to complete freedom after years of hating herself-while she was completely and utterly adored by Jesus.

      This transformational read will set you free. Hilarious, raw, and somehow poetic, Well, Girl offers scriptural truths, honest and thought-provoking ideas about wellness, and an in-depth look at a life free from culture’s lies-with increased self-worth, better overall health, and more confidence in your physical appearance.

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    • When I Lay My Isaac Down (Large Type)


      You’re never ready for calamity to strike. Carol Kent and her husband Gene were devastated by the news that their son had killed the man who married his ex-wife. Gene and Carol were buoyed in their faith by eight principles, gleaned from the story of Abraham and Isaac: Over the course of eight chapters Carol explores the power of unthinkable circumstances, relinquishment, heartache, community, hope, faith, joy, and speaking up.

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    • Good Life : What Jesus Teaches About Finding True Happiness


      What is true happiness, and how can we find it?

      Everyone wants to be happy. We spend our money, time, and energy chasing after the good life, and we run ourselves into physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion on the way. But what if the happiness we’re all striving for isn’t the happiness we were created for?

      Pastor and author Dr. Derwin L. Gray believes there is a path to true happiness. It is a life lived with Jesus by embracing the Beatitudes found in Matthew 5:1-12. As you walk through these words, Jesus invites you into a new life-giving rhythm that cultivates a flourishing, happy, transformative life.

      Discover the good life you were meant for.

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    • Gentle Answer : Our ‘Secret Weapon’ In An Age Of Us Against Them


      A remarkable vision for how Christians can live with countercultural gentleness in a perpetually angry, attacking, outraged time.

      In a defensive and divided era, how can followers of Jesus reveal a better way of living, one that loves others as God loves us? How can Christians be the kind of people who are known, as Proverbs puts it, to turn away wrath? Scott Saul’s compelling new book shows Christians how to become people of a gentle answer in a politically, relationally, and culturally fractured world by helping readers:
      *grow in affection for Christ, who answers our hostility with gentleness;
      *nurture a renewed, softened heart in light of Christ’s gentleness toward us;
      *and catch a vision to forsake us-against-them mentalities, put down our swords, and infect a hostile world with gentleness.

      For those who long for a more civil way of being, A Gentle Answer reveals why answering hostility with gentleness is essential, how we can nurture our hearts to do so, and what a gentle answer looks like, both in the church and in the world.

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    • Be Courageous And Try To Write In A Way That Scares You A Little


      Filled with quotes and inspiration, this journal will be an inspiring place to gather your thoughts, quiet your mind, pray and dream. Gather strength from what God says is true about you in this elegant place for reflection.

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    • Gentle And Lowly


      Christians know that God loves them, but often think that he is perpetually disappointed and frustrated, maybe even close to giving up on them. As a result, they focus a lot on what Jesus has done to appease God’s wrath for sin. But how does Jesus Christ actually feel about his people amid all their sins and failures? This book draws us to Matthew 11, where Jesus describes himself as gentle and lowly in heart, longing for his people to find rest in him. The gospel is primarily about God’s heart drawn to his people, a heart of tender love for the sinful and suffering. These chapters take readers into the depths of Christ’s very heart for sinners, diving deep into Bible passages that speak of who Christ is and encouraging readers with the affections of Christ for his people. His longing heart for sinners will comfort and sustain readers in their up-and-down lives.

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    • Chasing Vines : Finding Your Way To An Immensely Fruitful Life


      Join bestselling author Beth Moore in her life-changing quest of vine-chasing-and learn how everything changes when you discover the true meaning of a fruitful, God-pleasing, meaning-filled life.

      Most of us have times when, if we are honest, we’d admit to feeling like our lives are embarrassingly small and insignificant. Times when it seems like we’re going through a whole lot of pain and striving without much to show for it. Like our daily pursuits don’t really matter in the long run.

      At times like that, we can’t help wondering if we really matter-to the world or even to God.

      In Chasing Vines, Beth Moore gives us a new hope, revealing the abundant secrets of a fruitful, Kingdom-building, God-pleasing life. Tracing the images of vinedresser, vine, branch, and fruit through Scripture, and sharing stories from her own journey, Beth shows us how nothing in our lives is wasted. Not the place we’ve been planted. Not the painful pruning. Not even the manure that gets dumped on us when we least expect it.Beth is convinced from Scripture that every person who knows Jesus is meant to thrive in fruitfulness. Life might not always be fun, but in Christ, it can always be immensely fruitful. Nothing is for nothing.

      Join Beth on her journey of discovering what it means to chase vines-and learn how everything changes when we understand and fully embrace God’s amazing design for growing us into fruitful, meaningful, abundant life.

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    • Unwavering Faith : Jesus Every Day Devotional Guide


      What if reading the Bible wasn’t overwhelming but
      life-changing? This easy-to-read, beautifully
      designed reflection guide series by Candace
      Cameron Bure removes the intimidation of Bible study and helps you reflect on the Bible’s life-changing principles.

      In this devotional guide, you’ll find 25 sessions with meaningful Bible verses and four easy-to-answer questions that encourage you to interact with the Bible and develop an unwavering faith in God-a faith that motivates you to forgive and love others, find peace,
      overcome doubt, and persevere through trials.

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    • Authentic Living : Jesus Every Day Devotional Guide


      What if reading the Bible wasn’t overwhelming but life-changing? This easy-to-read, beautifully designed reflection guide series by Candace Cameron Bure removes the intimidation of Bible study and helps you reflect on the Bible’s lifechanging principles.

      In this devotional guide, you’ll find 23 sessions with meaningful Bible verses and four easy-to-answer questions that encourage you to interact with God and your faith in an honest but simple way. Best of all, you will understand how to apply Biblical principles to your everyday life.

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    • Beholding And Becoming


      Become What You Behold

      You are in the process of becoming. Every day is an opportunity to be shaped and formed by what moves your heart…drives your thoughts…captures your gaze. Is it any wonder that where you direct your eyes and your heart matter in your day-to-day?

      We become what we behold when we set our hearts and minds on Christ and His redemption story here in the details of our daily lives. Not just on Sunday, not just on holidays, not just when extraordinarily hard or wonderful things happen…but today.

      Bestselling author and artist Ruth Chou Simons invites you on a new journey to Beholding and Becoming. With more than 850 pieces of intricate, original artwork, Ruth encourages you to elevate your gaze to the One who created all things.

      Today is an opportunity for God to demonstrate His love and His faithfulness in the midst of your mundane. No circumstance is too ordinary or too forgotten for Him to meet you there in worship. His transforming grace turns your everyday ordinary into a holy place of becoming.

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    • How To Keep Your Head On Straight In A World Gone Crazy


      We are living in a day when countless multitudes have lost their way both morally and spiritually. Like a ship without anchor, this last day’s generation is being tossed to and fro by a flood of deception and wrong influences that is tragically causing people to lose their moorings. What should we do to make sure we don’t get sucked in to the chaotic swirl of moral and spiritual confusion sweeping the world today? That is the vital question prolific author and Greek scholar Rick Renner answers in this riveting and timely book.

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    • Basic Steps Of Bible Study


      Beloved Bible teacher Kay Arthur has long taught the inductive study method, which has helped millions of people enjoy discovering the truths of God’s Word for themselves. This guide is a great place to start learning how to study your Bible in a truly-life-changing way.
      As you cultivate the inductive skills of observation, interpretation, and application, you will…
      *be equipped to study–and understand–God’s Word on your own
      *increase your knowledge of God and His ways
      *be greatly strengthened and encouraged in your personal faith

      The more you become an active participant in God’s Word, the more you will become aware of all that it means to be in Christ and to live boldly and confidently in God’s truths.

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    • I Give Up


      Walk alongside Grammy Award-winning artist, worship leader, and Bible study teacher Laura Story in her continuing journey of accepting God’s plan for her life and living it out in total surrender.

      Laura Story’s husband, Martin, was diagnosed with a brain tumor early in their marriage. In a moment their life plans changed drastically. After wondering about their ability to be parents and a struggle with infertility, Laura gave birth to three children, including twin boys, in three years’ time. Then a sonogram at thirty-seven weeks revealed an unexpected issue with their fourth child.

      No life is without trouble, but when you face one challenging situation after another, your days can begin to feel desperately hopeless. Yet God truly uses all things for our good. When offered up to him, every circumstance can become a perfect opportunity to completely surrender your will to his.

      In I Give Up, Laura uses her story to show why surrender to God is important and how we can go about doing it. She shares how surrendering expectations is not a step-by-step process but a willful decision to wait on God, trusting that he and his word are true. In this four-part study she explains:
      *why surrender is a good thing
      *whom we surrender to
      *how we surrender
      *how our surrender affects the lives of others

      Though surrender sometimes flies in the face of our instincts, hopes, and dreams, it’s never without benefit. A surrendered life includes the surprise of a true joy-filled existence in which trust is reasonable, reconciliation is possible, and relationships can heal.

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    • Empowered : How God Shaped 11 Women’s Lives And Can Shape Yours Too


      Empowered takes the popular idea of what it means to be a strong girl and flips it on its head, using the stories of twelve faithful women to show that real power comes from our loving Father through His Son. In the pages of this book, girls will encounter women they may never have heard of. They will learn some of the character traits that go along with the Christian walk. But they will also encounter a God who is faithful to complete the work He has begun in them. They don’t have to do the things these women have done to live a life of purpose; by making a direct connection to their daily lives, readers will have a bigger and a more personal view of their Father and His love for them.

      The stories in Empowered are about faithful women, but even more about a steadfast God. The same God who was faithful to give Corrie ten Boom the love she needed in order to forgive her prison guard can help girls love the unlovable bullies at school. The love for Jesus that compelled Sophie Scholl to sacrifice her life for a higher cause can empower a young girl who sees injustice in the world around her. In a culture where kids see value in terms of Instagram likes and viral videos, the life of Pandita Ramabai will show the value of humble worship.

      Through the inspiring stories of twelve faithful women, Empowered will show girls that God is the true source of their power, strength, and purpose in life, removing the pressure girls may feel to conquer the world on their own.

      This B&H Kids book includes a Parent Connection, an easy tool to help moms and dads (or anyone else who loves kids) discuss the book’s message with their child. We’re all about connecting parents and kids to each other and to God’s Word.

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    • Here Now : Unearthing Peace And Presence In An Overconnected World


      Kate Merrick takes readers on a journey to drop the distractions and check back into their actual lives, discovering the good, true, and beautiful things God offers when they choose to be present right here, right now.

      For too many women, life just passes by. They feel a lack, a deep dissatisfaction with their circumstances, so they busy themselves in an effort to distract from their less-than-hoped-for lives, constantly looking for what better season may be coming next. In the process, they miss the everyday glorious moments God wants to use and speak through today.

      In Here, Now, Kate Merrick invites women to stop running away from their actual lives and instead to walk in the peace and fullness God offers when they quiet their souls, listen to what he’s saying, and live with brave intentionality. With more than a little personal confession, humor, and honest contemplation, Kate brings readers into her journey to look deep inside her heart, identify and remove the obstacles that prevent her from being truly present, and intentionally receive the gifts of God found in all of life’s moments–the painful ones, the big and beautiful ones, and also the ordinary ones.

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    • Dark Clouds Deep Mercy


      Where do you turn when the dark clouds of pain, suffering, and loss roll into your life? In a broken world, difficult trials can lead quickly to discouragement and despair-even for Christians. But the Bible sets forth an oft-neglected practice for dealing with such trials: lament. To lament is to turn to God in honest, desperate prayer, giving voice to the reality of our emotions-as intense and tumultuous as they may be. Ultimately, lament is an expression of faith in the God who hears our cries and responds with mercy and grace. Drawing on examples from the Bible and his own story of loss, pastor Mark Vroegop walks through steps of lament (Turn, Complain, Ask, and Trust) to show what lament is, why it is important, and how to enter into it-helping readers learn to live between the poles of God’s goodness and a hard life.

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    • Optimisfits : Igniting A Fierce Rebellion Against Hopelessness


      Op*ti*mis*fit, n: a nonconformist, an adventurer, a person who lives with wild abandon, childlike wonder, and unapologetic optimism.

      This Squad’s for You!

      Feel like an outsider, out of place, or as if you just don’t belong? We’ve got news for you…

      You were never meant to fit in. You were made to stand out. And you aren’t alone!

      For the over-and-above life Jesus talked about, you need a crew. Your life should be an adventure-or it’s nothing at all. And if you want to go far, go together!

      With passion, purpose, plenty of humor, and a wild sense of wonder, Optimisfits offers a road map for a radical way to live. It’s calling you to seize your status as an outsider and wage a fierce rebellion against the hopelessness of the world by living out an intensely optimistic approach to every day.

      Ben Courson and a band of misfits are on an epic trek to embrace the amazing love of God.

      #hopeisdope! And it’s time to spread it like fire. Are you ready to make a real difference and ignite the world? Join the squad and see sparks fly!

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    • Modern Day Apostles


      The Earth is waiting For Apostolic Power to be Demonstrated!

      Even though there were 12 apostles in Scripture, there is still an apostolic office and function that all Christians need to know about.  In fact, many believers are functioning apostolically-and yet, they are not fully stepping into this unclaimed seat in the spirit realm.

      When the people of God access the apostolic anointing, the Earth will witness a greater manifestation of Jesus’ fullness and power!

      Dr. Che Ahn, founder of Harvest International Ministries, is a world-recognized apostolic leader. In this signature book, he is taking all believers to the School of the Apostles, where they will learn to either operate in the office of apostle or function apostolically in their current sphere of influence.

      You will learn how to:
      *Recognize if you are an apostle by office or apostolic in function.
      *Step into your apostolic anointing and multiply the release of Kingdom influence through your life.
      *Operate in your apostolic jurisdiction in the church or marketplace.
      *Re-culturize your sphere of influence as an ambassador of God’s Kingdom.

      When you learn how to operate apostolically, you can boldly take your place as an ambassador of God’s Kingdom on Earth with a supernatural assignment to transform your sphere of influence to look more like Heaven.

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    • What Happens When Women Walk In Faith


      LysaTerKeurst knows what it means to walk in faith, starting from the cry she uttered years ago, How do I take my broken life and allow God to use it for His glory, to her current position as president of Proverbs 31 Ministry.

      Walking in Faith will change the way the reader…
      *recognizes God’s opportunities for growth
      *hears God speak through His Word
      *understands herself as a unique creation of her Heavenly Father
      *survives life’s hardest places

      Lysa’s new book is filled with stories, Scripture, and encouragement for readers to discover the deeper truths of God.

      As a bonus, Lysa has provided a Bible study section to help readers apply the principles in Walking by Faith

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    • 10 Keys To Spiritual Growth Pamphlet


      Followers of Christ want to grow spiritually, but aren’t always sure how to get started. This slimline pamphlet offers 10 ways to grow your faith and recognize the Holy Spirit’s work in your life. Packed with simple summaries and practical applications, Rose’s 10 Keys to Spiritual Growth covers essential discipleship topics in an easy-to-understand way, making it perfect for individual or small group use.

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    • Unshakable Hope Promise Book Student Edition


      Get to know the God who keeps His promises. Unshakable Hope Promise Book, by bestselling author Max Lucado, explores the promises God made to His people throughout the Bible and how they are relevant to your life today. Get ready to discover the amazing plans and promises God has just for you!
      What would you do tomorrow if you had no fear? How would you live your life if you knew that the promises in the Bible are for you? What if God Himself put promises there meant for you and has an amazing plan for your life?

      In Unshakable Hope Promise Book: Student Edition, Max Lucado shows you how God has kept His promises in the lives of His people for all of history. Using examples from biblical characters and current examples from teens like you, Max will help you explore and understand the ways God has kept His promises then and how He keeps them now.

      Embrace an exciting faith-filled life as you work through stories, Scripture, and journaling questions in Unshakable Hope Promise Book.

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    • Church In Babylon


      How do we live faithfully in a country becoming more and more hostile to our faith in Christ?

      Like the Israelites in Babylon, we must find a way to maintain our faith in the midst of a pagan culture. But that requires we answer two crucial questions:
      *How did we get here?
      *How do we prepare for the dark and difficult days ahead?

      In The Church in Babylon, Dr. Lutzer answers both of these questions as he looks at the book of Jeremiah. He will walk you through the many parallels between the Church in America and God’s people in Babylon, and embolden you to be a Gospel witness. You’ll be encouraged not to compromise your faith even when under constant pressure from all corners of society. And more than all this you will have a fresh encounter with Jesus Christ, as you consider the biblical role of those in exile.

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    • Draw The Circle Prayer Journal


      Experience a deeper, more passionate, and intimate prayer life. If you press into God’s presence like never before, you will experience God like never before.

      Drawn from bestselling books The Circle Maker and Draw the Circle by pastor Mark Batterson, this bullet journal will guide you into more intentional prayers with writing prompts for 40 days. Each day includes a scripture quote, a passage to inspire and guide your prayer experiment, and beautifully designed spreads for journaling.

      This book is for the reflective writers, the scripture sketchers, the proverb doodlers, the prayer list makers. For those who like to venture outside the lines, the dotted pages can be customized to your unique prayer style.

      Discover the power of bold prayer as you witness how prayer strengthens your faith and encourages those around you. As you journal through this prayer experiment, you will be challenged, strengthened, and encouraged as you draw closer to the living, ever-near, and unbelievably good God.

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    • In His Image


      After first teaching women to go deeper in their study of the Bible in Women of the Word, and then unpacking why our limits are a good thing in light of God’s limitlessness in None Like Him, best-selling author and Bible teacher Jen Wilkin helps readers see what human beings are to be like as they reflect the image of their Creator. In His Image explores 10 attributes of God that Christians are called to reflect-they are called to be holy, loving, just, good, merciful, gracious, faithful, patient, truthful, and wise. This book calls readers to discover the freedom and purpose in becoming all that God made them to be.

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    • What Happens When Women Say Yes To God


      The God of the Universe Wants to Use You

      Does the thought of stepping out in absolute obedience feel too overwhelming-simply too much?

      Don’t let fear keep you from knowing the unparalleled joy and satisfaction of following God’s lead! In this book, Lysa TerKeurst will help you…
      *determine what holds you back so you can release excuses and receive God’s best
      *uncover five questions to ask when you need to distinguish between God’s will and your own thoughts
      *find inspiration to serve God in delight-not out of duty-so you will stay the course

      With the encouragement you need and an included Bible study to walk you through each powerful lesson, you’ll be prepared to embrace the growth and blessings God has just for you.

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    • 4 Wills Of God


      There is a simple answer to finding God’s unique will for your life.

      When you obey the universal will of God, your obedience triggers your experience of the unique will of God for your life. Of course, that raises the question, What is the universal will of God?

      God has revealed 4 specific universal commands, or wills, and this book is about each. Though there is more to God’s universal will than these four, it is as though God declares, Start Here!

      What are these four? Bestselling author Dr. Emerson Eggerichs (Love & Respect) teaches readers that when you do these four universal wills, your obedience triggers your experience of God’s unique will from John 6:40, 1 Thessalonians 5:18, 1 Peter 2:13-15, and 1 Thessalonians 4:3:
      *Believe in Jesus Christ
      *Give Thanks in Everything
      *Submit in Doing Right
      *Abstain from Sexual Sin

      You need not fret and worry that you are missing His will. You are doing His universal will and pleasing Him. As long as you are believing in Jesus Christ, giving thanks in everything, submitting in doing right, and abstaining from sexual sin, you are free to do as you wish based on your judgment about what seems good and best.

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    • Adamant : Finding Truth In A Universe Of Options (Reprinted)


      With passion and biblical insight, New York Times bestselling author Lisa Bevere calls readers to stand firm in Christ in a world of constantly shifting values.

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    • Age Of Promise


      Randy Robison, cohost of LIFE Today, explores ten practices from the Old Testament and shows how Christians today can find deeper relationship with God as they understand these ancient principles and the promises they hold today.

      Many Christians struggle to understand the intricacies, much less the meaning, of various teachings in the Old Testament. In resignation, they point to Jesus’s proclamation of a new covenant and overlook many foundational truths of God, such as sacrifice, priesthood, and the temple. While Christ’s death and resurrection did make some religious practices obsolete, God’s plan and the promises he gave remain relevant and living and applicable. In fact, Jesus’ completion of God’s redemptive plan transformed those ancient promises so that they are fulfilled to an even deeper degree in the lives of Christians today.

      In The Age of Promise, Randy Robison explores ten truths formed in the Old Testament that were transformed in Christ and reveals how these ancient principles can, in fact, change lives today. Understanding these truths is the key to experiencing a deeper, more powerful relationship with the eternal Father, who is the same yesterday, today, and forever. When everyday believers follow this path, they find real life change and connect with the richness of their heritage of faith.

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    • Supernatural Power For Everyday People


      Acclaimed writer and pastor Jared C. Wilson reveals how God has a plan for you that involves doing the ordinary, mundane stuff of life in a supernatural way.

      Would it change your life to know that there is a way to live your everyday life supernaturally? Most of us would say yes, and Jared C. Wilson’s new book reveals how. For the homemaker wondering how to get through the stress of washing dishes and making meals nobody seems to appreciate; for the cubicle jockey punching her time-card every day wondering if what she does really matters; for the teacher or leader wondering if he is making an impact; for the student afraid of the future; for every believer struggling to get through daily life, Supernatural Power for Everyday People offers the hope of meaning and purpose, and also the promise of power. We can get beyond just getting by. We can prevail and live a life of far more joy, contentment, and peace than we ever thought possible.

      A practical book written in a devotional tone, Supernatural Power for Everyday People shows readers how to rely more fully on the power of the Holy Spirit for growth and satisfaction in their lives.

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    • Hello Mornings : How To Build A Grace Filled Life Giving Morning Routine


      Are you ready to wake up for your life and not just to your life?

      Don’t worry; you don’t have to be a morning person to start each new day well. Join Kat Lee and thousands of women from countries around the world who have learned to maximize their mornings. In Hello Mornings, Kat introduces a simple yet powerful three-minute morning routine that integrates Bible study, planning, and fitness into a foundational morning habit that fits into every schedule. She then helps you build each of these core habits for life-long growth.

      Everyone can find three minutes. And instead of adding one more thing to the list, Hello Mornings lifts the weight off women by revealing a grace-filled way to establish a powerful morning routine that offers:
      *a simple way to incorporate the most-sought-after daily habits into a simple morning routine: God. Plan. Move.
      *the latest research on habit formation and development
      *practical tools to help readers develop and grow their own personalized, adaptable plan for mornings
      *stories of transformed mornings from women in every season and stage of life

      Hello Mornings helps readers renovate their mornings to establish and grow a powerful daily routine-a long-term, Jesus-centered habit to anchor them in every season. Each morning can then become a launch pad into God’s amazing plan for their lives.

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    • Faith Forward Future


      Popular Southern California millennial pastor Chad Veach casts a vision for a future beyond what most dare to imagine and guides readers toward the abundant plans God has for his children.

      Pastor Chad Veach lives in Los Angeles, a place many have dubbed the City of Broken Dreams. Each year, thousands of people move there, hoping to make it big, but most fall short of achieving their dreams. This is reflective of the wider world as well. In fact, only 6 percent of people actually end up doing what they dreamed of as a child. The hard truth is, dreams–whether they have to do with relationships, career, or world impact–often don’t pan out. So many are left to wonder, Where do I go from here?

      In this new book, Veach meets readers in the middle of their disappointments, introduces them to the God who throws his arms around them, and offers a new way to define success. He takes them through the words of Jesus and helps them to understand what the Bible says about ambition, purpose, and fulfillment. Then he casts a vision that inspires readers to reach for a better dream than all the broken ones they tried to pursue on their own, challenging them to put their faith in the person of Jesus every day and follow his lead to a brighter future.

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    • Killing Kryptonite : Destroy What Steals Your Strength


      Section 1: The Power Of One
      Section 2: Identifying Kryptonite
      Section 3: Effects Of Kryptonite
      Section 4: Eliminating Kryptonite

      Additional Info
      You Can Destroy What Steals Your Strength

      Just like Superman, who can leap over any hurdle and defeat every foe, followers of Christ have the supernatural ability to conquer the challenges we face. But the problem for both Superman and us is there’s a kryptonite that steals our strength.

      Of course, both Superman and kryptonite are fictional. But spiritual kryptonite is not.

      This book offers answers to why so many people–and the churches they attend–are unable to experience the divine strength that was evident among the first-century Christians.

      In Killing Kryptonite, John Bevere reveals what this kryptonite is, why it’s compromising our churches, and how to break free from its bondage.

      Not for the faint of heart, Killing Kryptonite is anything but a spiritual sugar high. This is serious truth for any Christ-follower who longs to embrace the challenging but rewarding path of transformation.

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    • Sing : How Worship Transforms Your Life Family And Church


      Why do you sing at church?

      It’s a question we almost never ask out loud. Yet, this is a question that is central to the lives of Christians who regularly gather together for worship.

      Do you sing to God? Or do you address one another in hymns and spiritual songs, as the Scripture says? Do you close your eyes? What is your posture in worship? This book is designed with these questions in mind.

      Or maybe you don’t sing at church-or if you do, not with very much enthusiasm, hoping to hide behind a wall of sound. After all, not everyone sings at the same skill level, same rhythm, or pitch.

      Authors, lyricists, and worship leaders, Keith and Kristyn Getty write to church members to remind them why the Church should sing, when the Church should sing, and how the Church should sing. A congregation that gains a greater understanding of why they sing won’t dread a worship service, with arms crossed and shoulders slumped, but see singing as an opportunity to proclaim the gospel together in obedience to God.

      Sing! guides individual church members together with their congregation on a campaign to declare with one voice, This is why we sing!

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    • Stand Strong In Your Faith


      What do you stand for? For truth? For Jesus? For traditional marriage? Or pro-life? A large population of Christians say they stand for what the Bible teaches, yet, when challenged, they can’t articulate what that exactly is. Millennials find this same group of Christians to be rigid, judgmental, condescending, and just plain intolerant of their emergent views.

      In all the posts, tweets, podcasts, and sound bites from political pundits, there is an absence of Christians standing strong in their faith. The presence and voice of Christianity is being flooded out by other growing religions and ideologies. So where does that leave Christianity?

      If you desire to stand strong in your faith-to know what you believe and why it’s important in your everyday life, this book is for you. Be inspired to live what you believe as you learn about these and other topics:
      *Religious freedom or religious discrimination
      *Six Christian duties no one else can do for you
      *The role of the Holy Spirit in a believer’s life
      *Do we all worship the same God?
      *How to be fearless in the midst of fear
      *Did Jesus really rise from the dead?
      *How can I know if the Bible is true?
      *What’s the best way to study the Bible?

      It is not enough to say you’re a Christian. In Stand Strong in Your Faith, authors Jason Jimenez and Alex McFarland share bold truth that will take you from saying you believe to actually living what you believe with confidence and passion.

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    • Better Than You Can Imagine


      Most people want to make a difference, but they feel inadequate. In Better Than You Can Imagine, Patrick Quinn shares four truths:You have a gift that only you can give.

      Someone has a need that only you can meet.Joy is the journey where the gift and the need collide.The journey will break you … but it will also make you.Through story and biblical insight, Quinn helps readers apply these truths to their lives. Whether it’s time, money, or talent, everyone has something extra to give to others-and God has even more joy to give back.

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    • Joseph Calling : 6 Stages To Discover Navigate And Fulfill Your Purpose


      Do You Know Why God Allows Adversity?

      Do you find yourself in a season of adversity? Are you struggling to make sense of your circumstances? Do you find it difficult to make sense of the God of love when circumstances seem to say something different? Does God seem silent right now in your life?

      If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to read The Joseph Calling.

      Os Hillman has spent over twenty-five years observing and experiencing the way God works in the life of a follower of Jesus. During his years of study, he found 6 unique stages God uses in almost every person he uses significantly in bringing them into the larger story of their life to fulfill their destiny. It often involves a series of adverse circumstances. He coins this process The Joseph Calling.

      The Joseph Calling: 6 Stages to Using Your Adversities to Fulfill Your Destiny will help you better embrace God’s activity in your life, comfort you to know your adversities are meant for good, and will encourage you to fulfill God’s purpose and destiny in your life. Based upon the life of Joseph, Os Hillman brings a very old story into modern application for your life today.

      Os will help you discern whether you have a Joseph Calling on your life and what to do if you have been called to walk this path. This book will be a life-saver to help you navigate difficult life circumstances.

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    • Strange Days : Life In The Spirit In A Time Of Upheaval


      What in the world is going on?

      These days the world has everyone spinning. Weekly terrorist attacks. The refugee crisis. Transgender bathrooms. Academic safe spaces. Tensions with Russia. A perpetually uncertain economy. The list goes on. It’s enough to make us crazy; or want to put our heads in the sand.

      But we can’t, because these are our times, and we must face them. So what many Christians are looking for is someone to communicate a way forward-someone who both understands culture and trusts the Bible. Mark Sayers is such a leader, one who writes from the future. He is a gifted cultural analysist who combines his biblical knowledge, curious mind, and pastoral heart to offer a guide to the times. Strange Days will help Christians slow down, get their bearings, and follow God with wisdom and tact in this wild world.

      Take heart, for I have overcome the world, Jesus said nearly 2,000 years ago. And that’s the message of Strange Days, the message the church needs today.

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    • Goliath Must Fall


      How do we overcome those battles in our lives that we always seem to be fighting?

      It is not God’s plan for you to live with some big giant standing in the middle of your life demoralizing you day after day after day and diminishing God’s glory, robbing God’s glory in your life. It’s never been more important that we understand that our freedom and God’s glory are forever interwoven into one story. God does want us to live free. He wants us to recognize that He’s already killed the giant.

      We all have giants in our lives that creep in and take over. Giants like rejection, anxiety, fear, anger, and addiction. These adversaries establish a foothold, and before we know it we are tolerating something that is diminishing the glory of God in our lives and holding us back from the freedom that Jesus intends for us. So how do we break out of these patterns once and for all?

      Put aside what you may think about the classic David vs. Goliath story. In Goliath Must Fall, Giglio shows us how to dwell on the size of our God, not the height of our giants. Once we understand the source of our giants, we can ensure that whatever our affliction is, it can, will, and must fall down with the power of Jesus.

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    • Motherprayer : Lessons In Loving


      Barbara Mahany writes, Mothering was my crash course in love. Love of the sort I call Divine. Love in the way we yearn to be loved: Without end. Without question. Without giving in to exhaustion. Love with a big and boundless heart. Love with eyes and ears wide open. Love even when it’s not so easy. In Motherprayer, Mahany generously shares personal love letters on the mysteries and gifts of mothering, interspersed with family recipes and gentle essays, all offering beautiful lessons in how to love, and how to love breathtakingly. In her bracingly honest style, Mahany lifts up the everyday-the hard, the glorious, the laughter, and the tears-and invites readers to pay attention, cradle our loved ones in prayer, and see the sacred lessons in loving.

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    • 7 Mile Miracle


      His Final Words Were Just the Beginning

      It’s Good Friday. The Son of God is giving up his life. What is on his mind? What does he want the people standing at the foot of his cross to hear, to pass down to the ages? He speaks only seven short statements. Words of forgiveness, salvation, relationship, abandonment, distress, triumph, and reunion. Seven statements that mean everything.

      In Seven-Mile Miracle, Pastor Steven Furtick shows us how Jesus’s last words offer mile markers for our journey in relationship with God. It’s a lifelong journey and it’s not always easy. But Jesus is both our companion and our destination as we travel. The miracle is that we can live a life of victory now, anticipating our own personal Easter when we will live in the presence of God for eternity. Put your feet on a proven path-the road that Jesus walked.

      Includes questions for reflection and a forty-day reading guide to Jesus’s death and resurrection.

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    • Detours : The Unpredictable Path To Your Destiny


      God has a plan for your life.

      More often than not, it’s a detour, one that can leave you feeling temporarily stalled and slowed down. Which nobody likes. But detours are necessary if any improvements are going to be made on the paths we travel. Or if any wreck is going to be cleaned up or a hazard avoided. Detours are designed for our own good, regardless of how we view or feel about them.

      Detours are a good thing that often feels bad.

      Tony knows a thing or two about detours, and one of the things he knows for certain is that God works through detours to bring about His blessing. To deliver you to the place He has created just for you. Yet what we often do is try as hard as we can to work our own way to the circumstances we believe are best for us.

      Using examples from the life of Joseph, Tony will leave readers with answers to the following questions:
      *How do you find the destiny God has designed for your life?
      *How can you make the most of the detours God has planned for you?
      *Is there a way to shorten a detour and speed up your progression in life?
      *What is the purpose of a detour?

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