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Grief and Consolation

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  • Bible Promise Book For The Grieving Heart


    God cares when you’re hurting.

    See how He promises help for your times of grief.

    At some point, everyone will experience grief. Now, The Bible Promise Book(TM) for the Grieving Heart organizes scores of powerful verses under 31 relevant topics to walk you through the toughest times of life.

    You’ll be encouraged by God’s love, challenged to reach out to your heavenly Father, and reminded that He works all things for good for those who love Him (Romans 8:28). Each scripture will draw you more deeply into the embrace of the One who feels your pain most intimately-and can offer a way through.

    Featuring text from the King James, New International, New Living, and English Standard Versions of the Bible, this beautiful book will guide you through the darkest moments, into the light of God’s perfect love.

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  • Prayers And Promises For Times Of Loss


    When Times of Grief Come, We Often Don’t Know What or Even How to Pray

    Prayers and Promises for Times of Loss will draws you gently back to your loving heavenly Father. Each page offers a scriptural promise and a beautifully written, heartfelt prayer to help you hold on to your faith. Topics include:
    *God’s Mercy
    *and many more

    Through the doubt, despair, and loneliness of loss, these honest and hopeful devotions guide the way to resting in God’s never-failing presence. This comforting book ensures it will be treasured for years to come.

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  • Fireflies : Sharing Gods Light In The Time Of Loss


    Fireflies is a wonderful little book of a family with a loss. It explains death to a child in a simple way, showing hope and love. Tyler is puzzled why his little brother left to go to heaven, but after a friend shared with him about what death really is, Tyler was comforted and had peace.

    The book also has a Memory Page in the back of the book, along with ‘How to Lead a Child to Christ’. Author has released copyright on this page so it may be copied and shared in a children’s ministry area.

    The illustrations are bright and colorful, giving joy to the story. Little hidden messages are scattered throughout the book.

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  • Gentle Hugs For Grieving Hearts


    Whether you have experienced the death of a loved one or another form of loss, this booklet was written to encourage you on your grief journey.

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  • Comfort For Loss Pamphlet


    God’s Care for the Brokenhearted

    Put this in the hands of a grieving friend to ease the journey through stages of grief. Words of comfort and biblical examples of grief for losses of many kinds help to give perspective, meaning, and hope to the devastation of loss through death, divorce, and the ending of significant relationships.

    Loss is inevitable. But hope is available.

    Everyone goes through loss, but the pain of losing a loved one is especially difficult. It seems that the sadness will go on forever. Every moment is consumed with the overwhelming grief that the loss is final. The agony makes us wonder if the tears will ever stop. Our hearts break with despair. We desperately want some sense of comfort. We need compassion and understanding. We long for a time of renewed hope and a reason for living.

    And the Scripture gives us this message of comfort-
    God sees your broken heart. He hears your cries. He cares for you and has a message you need to hear.

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  • When God And Grief Meet


    Where do you go with the heartache you can’t even put into words?
    Whether you have lost a loved one to a prolonged illness or to an unexpected tragedy, it helps to encounter others who have walked similar roads and faced similar questions. When God & Grief Meet offers just that: real-life stories that meet you in your sorrow and inspire you with the hope and strength to go on.

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  • Where Is God When It Hurts (Anniversary)


    If there is a loving God, then why…? No matter how the question is completed, at its root lies the issue of pain. Does God order suffering? Or did he simply wind up the world’s mainspring and now is watching from a distance? In this Gold Medallion Award-winning book, Philip Yancey reveals a God who is neither capricious nor unconcerned. Using examples from the Bible and from his own experiences, Yancey looks at pain–physical, emotional, and spiritual–and helps us understand why we suffer.

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  • Silent Grief : Miscarriage Finding Your Way Through The Darkness




    Part I – In The Valley
    1. I’m Sorry
    2. It Hurts So Badly
    3. Where Are My Friends?
    4. Nobody Cares

    Part II – A Life On The Mend
    5. This Really Did Happen
    6. People Care; They Just Don’t Understand
    7. I Still Wish I Had My Child
    8. I Can Feel!
    9. The Sun Does Shine
    10. Seeing Beyond Today
    11. The Hope Of Someday

    Final Thoughts P. 176

    Additional Info
    Almost 200,000 couples in America each year suffer through the tragedy of miscarriage. And that statistic only tells us about first trimester miscarriages. The emotional pain of longer-term miscarriages, and the untold numbers of mothers and fathers who keep silent about their hurt, make this form of child loss especially cruel.

    But in Silent Grief, author Clara Hinton brings a clear message of hope through the cold mourning. Writing of her own grief, and interviewing scores of women and men, she offers not pat answers, but instead shows us this: You are not alone. Additionally, the author touches the tears of other forms of child loss: stillbirth, missing children, and adult children who succumb to accident or illness.

    The moving, honest responses to these interviews tells the reader that through the tears and rage and awful silence, God still loves us and knows our children intimately. King David knew this. He knew that one day he would be reunited with his child.

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