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    • Complete Guide To The Names Of God


      If you want to understand God better-and know how He undergirds your entire life-read The Complete Guide to the Names of God.

      This readable reference from George W. Knight-author of the popular Layman’s Bible Dictionary and Holy Land Handbook-contains hundreds of entries on the fascinating and informative names of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

      But that’s not all. This lavishly illustrated guide also describes:
      *characteristics of God, such as His eternality, jealousy, and omniscience
      *key people and places in God’s biblical history, from Aaron to Zion
      *and important theological concepts, including apostasy, regeneration, and worship

      Illustrated with full-color artwork and containing hundreds of cross-references, The Complete Guide to the Names of God is ideal both for fascinating reading and serious Bible study.

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    • Welcome To Your Bible


      Welcome to your Bible-
      whether you’re brand-new to the faithor you just know you need to dig deeper.

      Christian growth is based on a clear understanding of God’s Word, so Welcome to Your Bible is designed to help you read and understand scripture.

      Combining a variety of helpful features-
      *an annual reading plan
      *passage-by-passage summaries
      *explanations of confusing words and allusions
      *and more-
      this book is a powerful aid whatever your level of biblical experience.

      Based on the King James Version, but usable with any translation of scripture, Welcome to Your Bible promises help when you’re ready and willing to commit time to God’s Word.

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    • Ultimate Guide To Defend Your Faith


      The Ultimate Guide to Defend Your Faith is full of practical information, resources, and visual aids to help you discuss, defend, and clearly share your Christian faith with others.

      Chapters include:

      What is Apologetics?

      Does God Exist? The Cosmological Argument

      Does God Exist? The Teleological Argument

      Does God Exist? The Moral Argument

      Which God Exists?

      Where Did the New Testament Come From?

      Is the New Testament Reliable?

      Is the Old Testament Reliable?

      Do Miracles Happen?

      What About Prophecy?

      The Resurrection?

      Did Jesus Claim to Be God? Is Jesus the Only Way?

      How Can God Allow Evil?

      In an age of increasing moral and spiritual relativism, many people struggle with the reliability of

      the Scriptures, the historicity of Jesus, or the problem of pain and suffering. Knowing the basics

      of these issues and their biblical solutions will help you understand the worldview and beliefs of

      others and defend your faith in a fun and engaging way.

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    • Ultimate Bible Character Guide


      The Bible is filled with incredible and interesting characters–from Jesus to Eglon, Gabriel to Legion. The Ultimate Bible Character Guide brings 150 of them to life with comic-book style illustrations and hundreds of facts for kids to explore.

      Young readers will be captivated to read about both well-known characters of the Bible and some they have yet to discover. They’ll learn what characters’ names meant, what strengths God gave them, who they considered enemies, and what battles they fought. Which one was possessed by demons? Who wrestled an angel? Who never died? It’s all here, the good and the evil, the famous and the infamous.

      In true encyclopedia form, characters will be arranged alphabetically and indexed so that favorites can be found easily. Contemporaries will be marked as such, and a timeline will help kids understand and place each story. Spreads will include full-length illustrations of each character, list of facts, descriptions, and background info.

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    • Our Daily Bread Jesus Sourcebook


      Most people have heard of Jesus, but many still don’t know exactly who He is or even what He has done. The Our Daily Bread Jesus Sourcebook provides an easy way for you to know more about Jesus. You’ll learn about His life and ministry through the stories He told, miracles He performed, people He encountered, places He visited, names and titles He was known by, and principles He taught. This insightful guide encourages you to explore the Gospels and discover more about the revolutionary life and work of Jesus.

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    • Holman Illustrated Bible Handbook


      Many people would love to search for truth in the Bible but are intimidated by its size, or the length of time its story spans, or the distance between our day and the cultural settings of the biblical authors, or certain questions about the historical reliability and contemporary relevance of Scripture.

      The Holman Illustrated Bible Handbook is designed to overcome the obstacles people have to understanding the Bible. It begins with an essay on How to Read and Study the Bible and then provides a brief and basic overview of each of the Bible’s 66 books: each book’s author, main message, evidences of authenticity, and historical context.

      In addition to the full-color maps, photographs, reconstructions, and charts that equip readers throughout the volume, a smartphone-accessible QR code is included for each chapter that leads to related online teaching from noted Bible scholar Gene Getz.

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    • Kings And Prophets Time Line Pamphlet


      See over 500 years of Israel’s kings and prophets at a glance! Fold-out timeline, charts, and map covers key events & people from King David to Elijah! Imagine having a fold-out timeline of all the kings and prophets at your fingertips that can easily fit inside most Bible covers!

      Easily see dozens of key people from Bible history at a glance, starting at the reigns of King Saul and King David to the prophet Malachi! This Kings & Prophets Time Line pamphlet provides an easy-to-follow overview of key dates, events, and leaders throughout Bible history. Filled with full-color illustrations and photographs, a map of Old Testament Israel and Judah, and more, this time line follows prophets, godly kings, and bad kings across the centuries as God unfolds his plans! There is no better timeline of the kings and prophets for Bible studies, Sunday schools, new believers groups, and small groups!

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    • Bible Atlas And Companion


      Knowing where biblical events happened can help you understand the bigger picture of scripture-and that’s what The Bible Atlas and Companion is all about. Based on NASA Space Shuttle imagery, the 75 maps in this beautiful, full-color reference feature some of the most precise geographical detail available. They cover all of Bible history-from The Nations of the Ancient World in the time of Moses, through The Churches of Revelation. Concise, easy-to-read text explains the biblical background and other relevant facts, while more than 70 photographs further elaborate on the maps. Packaged in a convenient, lay-flat spiral binding, The Bible Atlas and Companion is an indispensable tool for personal Bible study.

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    • 100 Words Every Christian Should Know Pamphlet


      Whether you’re a new believer or a seasoned saint, 100 Words Every Christian Should Know is a resourceful and practical overview of key words and definitions that illustrate biblical principles and the teachings of Jesus at a glance. What does salvation really mean? What happens when you practice communion? From terms like repentance to baptism to holy, rediscover the beauty of the gospel easily and clearly like never before.

      *Teaching tool to encourage memorization of core faith beliefs
      *Pamphlets fit easily inside most Bibles, making it easy to quickly reference
      *Glossy coating for durability

      8.5 x 5.5 inches. 14 panel pamphlet. Folds out to 38 inches. Fits inside a Bible cover.

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    • Self Guided Tour Of The Bible


      This easy-to-read full color handbook gives you a big-picture view of the Bible to set you up for a lifetime of Bible learning. Quickly get a firm grasp of key Bible foundations that will give you a clearer understanding of God and his Word than ever before! Discover: Bible history and culture, people and characters in the Bible, major themes of every book, seeing Jesus in the Old Testament, and applying biblical truths to today’s world. Includes over 200 charts, time lines, maps, and pictures. 256 pp, trade paperback, 7 x 9.5 inches.

      Understanding the Bible has never been easier! Whether it’s your first time picking up the Bible or you read it cover to cover every year, the Self-Guided Tour Of The Bible will have you looking at the Bible with fresh eyes in moments! In just 9 illustrated chapters, explore:

      Introduction to the Bible
      *A Quick Overview of the Bible (Including Bible reliability)
      *A Time Line of Bible History
      *Jesus throughout the Bible (See how the Old Testament points to Christ)

      Essentials of the Bible
      *Basic Bible Geography (Includes topographical maps)
      *Overview of 100 People and Characters in the Bible
      *A Simple Overview of the 66 Bible Books (and study tips)

      Why Study the Bible?
      *Jesus’ Life and Teachings
      *Heaven, Hell, and Eternity
      *The 8 Major Themes in the Bible-Salvation in Christ, Living by Faith, God’s Sovereignty, and more!

      You know it’s important to read God’s Word: we read the Bible to get to know the Author himself, but it’s an intimidating book! With 66 books and around 800,000 words, the Bible is massive and complicated with history, names, and events. Where do you start? How should you read some of the miraculous events and interesting characters? The Self-Guided Tour Of The Bible answers these questions and many more! Tap into the incredible depth and wonder of God’s Word with every page of the Self-Guided Tour Of The Bible.

      What makes the Self-Guided Tour Of The Bible unique?

      Unlike other Bible guides and commentaries, the Self-Guided Tour Of The Bible tells you everything you need to know using clear summaries, easy-to-read overviews, maps, charts, and time lines. Several key features make the Self-Guided Tour Of The Bible the clear and easy choice-
      *Simple easy-to-use format
      *Highly visual (includes over 200 charts, time lines, maps, and pictures)
      *Full color (it makes an attractive gift!)
      *Convenient index for quick reference
      *Flexible-start anywhere in any order

      Get refreshed by th

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    • Complete Guide To Christian Denominations (Expanded)


      Do you ever wonder what the difference is between one denomination and another? Why are there so many kinds of Baptist or Presbyterian or Lutheran churches? Where do those names come from, anyway? You can find answers in this concise but comprehensive guide. Learn about the leaders, teachings, and history of most of the church families in America. In addition to membership statistics, you’ll find…
      *a brief explanation of how the denomination began
      *a short summary of its teaching on God, the Bible, the church, and other important topics *a quick overview of some of its distinctive characteristics

      Whether you’re looking for a new church or enriching your fellowship with believers from other traditions, you’ll be much better prepared with this revised and expanded edition of The Complete Guide to Christian Denominations.

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    • Rose Book Of Bible Charts 3


      Ideal for Sunday school teachers, college and seminary professors, pastors, and homeschoolers, the full-color resources in this easy-to-use anthology include more than 200 reproducible charts, photographs, maps, and handouts, many of which are new to this edition. Topics include spiritual gifts; the lives of Esther and David; the parables of Jesus; the attributes of God; and more.

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    • AMGs Comprehensive Dictionary Of New Testament Words


      AMG’s Comprehensive Dictionary of New Testament English and Greek Words covers the vast majority of common wordsand all the proper names of people andplaces found in the New Testament. It waswritten to serve as a primary referencetool for students of the New Testament,those who teach the Word of God and allthose who read it. This Dictionary takesinto consideration the terms used by sevenexcellent translations of the Bible: J. N.Darby, King James, New King James, NewInternational (1984, 2011), New AmericanStandard and English Standard versions.In this Dictionary, for the vast majority of cases, all the Biblical references for the entries of the terms listed are provided, thus allowing the work to also serve as a concordance. It contains definitions for approximately 97% of all New Testament Greek terms. The second part of the Dictionary is a glossary of all Greek terms, relating them to the entries of the corresponding English terms. Overall the Dictionary contains close to 8,000 English terms which are defined or are presented as cross-references, and more than 5,500 Greek terms.For each English term listed, the reader will find the corresponding Greek term or terms. As a general rule, each entry or subentry includes the transliteration of the Greek word, the class of word, the Greek word, the Strong’s code as well as the etymology of the word (and the meaning of the name of the person or place), and a definition of the term; paraphrased verses and other N.T. references are provided, enabling the reader to understand the context in which the term is used.

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    • Baby Names : Thousands Of Names And Their Meanings


      The First Gift You Give Your Child

      To help you in the wonderful and important task of naming your child, Baby Names provides a comprehensive listing of great choices for any boy or girl-from Aaron to Zuwena-with plenty of variety in between. In addition to its extensive list of names, this book also includes…
      *Origins and meanings of a wide selection of names
      *Ideas for creating a name specifically suited for your child
      *Some of the greatest Bible names found in Scripture
      *Alternative spellings and variations of popular names
      *Things to avoid when naming your baby
      *Helpful sidebars highlighting accomplishments of famous Christians

      Baby Names will be an invaluable resource in your family for one of the most cherished decisions you’ll ever make as a parent!

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    • Attributes Of God Pamphlet


      People always wonder, Who is God?Is He an old confused grandfather sitting in the clouds? Or is he a loving father, a righteous judge, and a merciful king? What we believe about God makes a difference in how we worship and behave. This pamphlet gives25key traits of God: loving, just, kind, all-knowing, all-present, all-powerful, eternal, faithful, and more.Each attribute of God comes with explanation, application, Bible references, and questions for reflection and study.Full color, plastic-coated pamphlet, 14 pages, 8.5 x 5.5 inches, fits inside a Bible cover.

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    • Rose Guide To The Temple


      In the late afternoon sunlight, the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is one of the most breathtaking places in the world. This was the site of Solomon’s great Temple, a house of prayer for all people – the center of worship and celebration.
      For centuries it stood, until the Babylonians captured Jerusalem and destroyed the Jewish temple. The devastation was both physical and spiritual: the Temple was an awesome structure, but it was also the place of the Lord’s presence with his people, the place of worship.

      About seventy years later, the people returned to Jerusalem and built a second temple. It wasn’t as spectacular as the original, and those who remembered Solomon’s golden pillars, wept over the difference. Yet it was the house of God to the exiles who came home.

      Some 300 years later, Herod the Great, one of the greatest builders in the ancient world, renovated and expanded the second Temple and made it famous, rivaling the finest monuments of that time. This is the temple where Jesus was dedicated as a baby, where he honored the widow for giving all she had, and where he threw out the money changers.

      The Temple is important, both as a historical and architectural masterpiece, and as a spiritual symbol of God’s desire to dwell with his people.

      This full-color book gives a complete easy-to-understand overview of the history of the Temple in Jerusalem. People who enjoy Bible study will love the fact that it answers many questions about how the Temple looked during biblical times. Bible scholars and professors will enjoy the well-annotated text. The author is archaeologist and professor Dr. Randall Price. He has spent more than 30 years exploring the Holy Land studying the Temple.

      This book has more than 100 images, charts, diagrams, photos, and illustrations, many of which have never published before. It covers the span of time from Abraham to modern day.

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    • Book Of James Pamphlet


      The Book of James packs a punch! Fasten your seatbelt as this pamphlet explains key topics such as * taming the tongue * dealing with temptation * being doers not just hearers * backing up your faith with good works * humility vs. hypocrisy * and depending on the good gifts God has given each of us. Includes an overview, key verses, and study questions for person and group use. Size: 8.5 x 5.5 inches. Unfolds to 38 inches long. Fits in a Bible. Full color, 14 panels

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    • 3 In 1 Pledges Of Allegiance Christian Flag Bible Laminated Wall Chart


      The Pledge of Allegiance, Pledge to the Christian Flag, Pledge to the Bible on one chart.
      Includes history of each on back.

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    • New Strongs Expanded Exhaustive Concordance Of The Bible


      Only one concordance includes the best of Vine’s Complete Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words: The New Strong’s Expanded Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible. The Hebrew and Greek dictionaries now have three times more word study information than any other edition. Plus additional cross-references from leading dictionaries make this the ultimate reference tool for pastors, teachers, and all students of the Bible.

      Features Include:

      The only Strong’s that includes Vine’s Complete Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words
      Words of Christ in red
      Complete topical index of the Bible
      Hebrew and Greek dictionaries now have three times more word study information than any other edition
      Additional cross-references and word study helps from leading dictionaries

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    • Nelsons Complete Book Of Bible Maps And Charts 3rd Edition (Revised)


      Beautiful full-color maps and charts illuminate the Scriptures

      This updated edition of Thomas Nelson’s popular Complete Book of Bible Maps and Charts has everything you need to visualize the events, places, and people in the Old and New Testaments. The resources include:
      * New, full-color, high-resolution maps and charts.
      * Downloadable PDFs of maps and charts for presentations and classes.
      * Tables, charts, and diagrams that organize Bible information for ease of learning and
      * Historical articles providing insight into Bible times.
      * Introductions to each book of the Bible.

      Perfect for small-group leaders, Bible school teachers, and anyone curious about biblical times or wanting to locate key events from Scripture, Complete Book of Bible Maps and Charts provides a visual overview of the Bible in its entirety.

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    • Rose Book Of Bible Charts 2


      The Rose Book of Bible Charts Volume 2 contains 256 pages of popular Rose Bible charts in one reproducible book! Full color, great for personal study, Bible studies, small groups, and classes.

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    • Rose Guide To The Tabernacle


      Full color, reproducible book on the The Tabernacle, with clear plastic overlays of the coverings of the tent of meeting. The Tabernacle was the place where the Israelites worshiped God after the Exodus. Learn how the sacrifices, utensils, and even the structure of the tabernacle were designed to show us something about God. See the parallels between the Old Testament sacrifices and priests’ duties, and Jesus’ service as the perfect sacrifice and perfect high priest. See how: * The Tabernacle was built and moved * The sacrifices pointed Jesus Christ * The design of the tent revealed God’s holiness and humanity’s need for God * The Ark of the Covenant was at the center of worship.

      See how: * The Tabernacle was built * The sacrifices pointed Jesus Christ * The design of the tent revealed God’s holiness and humanity’s need for God * The Ark of the Covenant was at the center of worship.

      Contains illustrations, charts, and diagrams not available elsewhere.

      128 pages, full color with 8 clear plastic overlays showing inside/outside of the tabernacle; plus dozens of reproducible charts. You may reproduce up to 300 copies of any chart free of charge for your classroom.

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    • Know Your Bible


      Know Your Bible is a concise, easy-to-understand guide to God’s Word-giving you a helpful and memorable overview of all 66 books. For each Know Your Bible provides data on the author and time frame, a ten-word synopsis, a longer (50-100 word) summary, thoughts on what makes the book unique or unusual, a listing of key verses, and a So, What? section of practical application. It’s a fantastic resource for individuals and ministries!

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    • Bible Translations Comparison Wall Chart Laminated


      Compare 20 Bible Translations
      Ever wondered why there are so many different versions of the Bible? How do you know which translation is best for a particular purpose? This handy fold-out pamphlet-

      Compares 20 most popular translations
      *Reading level
      *Describes the purpose of each translation
      *Explains texts used for translation
      *Gives sample verses in each translation

      Bible Translations Comparison offers help in understanding translators’ different approaches (word-for-word, thought-for-thought, paraphrase, or some combination of the three). It also gives background on source texts and tells which texts were used for each version.

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    • Bible Translations Comparison Pamphlet


      Compare 20 Bible Translations
      Ever wondered why there are so many different versions of the Bible? How do you know which translation is best for a particular purpose? This handy fold-out pamphlet-

      Compares 20 most popular translations:
      American Standard Version
      Amplified Bible
      New American Standard Bible
      Revised Standard Version
      New Revised Standard Version
      English Standard Version
      King James Version
      New King James Version
      New Jerusalem Bible
      New American Bible
      New International Version
      Today’s New International Version
      God’s Word
      Holman Christian Standard Bible
      New Century Version
      New Living Translation
      New International Readers Version
      Good News Translation
      Contemporary English Version
      The Message

      Reading level

      Describes the purpose of each translation

      Explains texts used for translation

      Gives sample verses in each translation
      Bible Translations Comparison offers help in understanding translators’ different approaches (word-for-word, thought-for-thought, paraphrase, or some combination of the three). It also gives background on source texts and tells which texts were used for each version.

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    • Rose Book Of Bible Charts Maps And Time Lines


      New! All Your Favorite Rose Charts in One Book!
      Now you can have 180 pages of full-color Bible charts, maps, and time lines in one spiral bound book. The full-color Rose Book of Bible Charts, Maps, and Time Lines contains–

      General Bible Charts
      * 100 Well-Known People in the Bible
      * 100 Well-Known Prayers in the Bible
      * Table of Biblical Weights and Measures
      * Books of the Bible
      * Bible Overview–Old Testament
      * Bible Overview–New Testament
      * How We Got the Bible
      * Christian History Time Line

      Old Testament Charts
      * The Creation
      * 100 Well-Known Old Testament Events
      * Family Tree of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob
      * Names of God
      * Jesus & The Names of God
      * The Ten Commandments and You
      * Feasts & Holidays of the Bible
      * The Cycle Pattern in Judges
      * Kings and Prophets
      * Kings
      * Prophets
      * The Statue in the Book of Daniel
      * Archaeology & the Bible–Old Testament

      New Testament Charts
      * The Genealogy of Jesus Christ
      * 100 Prophecies Fulfilled by Jesus
      * Events in the Life of Jesus
      * Miracles of Jesus
      * Parables of Jesus
      * The Beatitudes
      * The Twelve Disciples
      * Evidence for the Resurrection
      * Biblical Descriptions of Heaven & Hell
      * 100 Well-Known Events from Acts to Revelation
      * 1 Corinthians 13
      * The Armor of God
      * The Fruit of the Spirit
      * Acts of the Sinful Nature
      * Seven Churches of Revelation
      * Four Views of the End-Times
      * Archaeology & the Bible–New Testament

      * Middle East: The (BC) and Now
      * Middle East: Expansion by Assyrian Rulers
      * Middle East: Babylonian and Persian Empires
      * Middle East: Fascination Facts and Figures
      * Middle East and Central Asia
      * The Holy Land: Then and Now
      * The Holy Land: The Exodus
      * Exodus Time Line
      * The Holy Land: United Kingdom
      * The Holy Land: Divided Kingdom
      * Where Jesus Walked: Then and Now
      * Paul’s Journey’s: Then and Now
      * Paul’s First Journey
      * Paul’s Second and Third Journeys
      * Paul’s Journeys and Guide

      Illustrations and Diagrams
      * Noah’s Ark
      * The Tabernacle
      * The Ark of the Covenant
      * Solomon’s Temple
      * Herod’s Temple
      * Palm Sunday to Easter

      Christianity, Cults & Religions
      * The Trinity
      * Denominations Comparison
      * Christianity, Cults & Religions
      * Islam & Christianity


      If you bought all of these charts and pamphlets separately, you would pay more than $250. Plus you can reproduce up to 300 copies of any chart free of charge (use in one church, not for sale

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    • Strongest Strongs Exhaustive Concordance Of The Bible (Large Type)


      Like a redwood that towers above all other trees, THE STRONGEST STRONG’S LARGER PRINT EDITION takes James Strong’s classic concordance to unprecedented heights. It is packed with features including cross-references, Hebrew and Greek dictionaries, Word counts, fast-tab locators, Strong’s numbering system, words of Christ highlighted, and more. Better still, this larger print edition is gentle on your eyes.

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    • Bible Knowledge Commentary Old And New Testament 2 Volume Set


      Help from expert scholars in understanding the scriptures

      – What does that verse mean?
      – How should I interpret this passage?
      – What is the significance of this word or phrase in Hebrew or Aramaic?
      – How do Bible-time customs help me understand the meaning of this passage?
      – How can this alleged contradiction be explained?
      – How does the information on the author, historical background, and features of a Bible book help interpret that book?

      The Bible Knowledge Commentary answers these and other questions about the Scriptures, discussing all the Bible verse by verse and often phrase by phrase. In addition, maps, charts, and diagrams help you grasp the meanings of the biblical text. Unlike most others this commentary is by authors from one school-Dallas Theological Seminary. The Bible Knowledge Commentary-popular in style and scholarly in content-will deepen your understanding of God’s written Word.

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