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    • Kingdom Men Rising


      God is good and powerful and wants the best for your life. He has big plans for you. You believe these things are true. But what is your own responsibility as a man when it comes to becoming all God created you to be? How can you walk in victory and faith and make an impact on others for God?

      Kingdom Men Rising challenges men to foster personal discipleship and apply discipleship skills and a leadership mindset to all areas of life. Dr. Tony Evans brings his insights, stories, and wise counsel from God’s Word to clear all obstacles in your path, leading you to the abundant life you’ve been called to live. And along the way, you’ll find your heart stirred to reach for more, no longer settling for a faith that just goes through the motions. The life of King David is used as the book’s foundation, and topics include overcoming temptation, restoration from sin, how to disciple others, and finally how to leave a legacy of faith and godly influence.

      Replace helplessness, boredom, and regret with vibrancy, power, and joy. Let Kingdom Men Rising help you take the next step in your faith to become the powerful man of God you were made to be.

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    • Wild At Heart Expanded Edition (Expanded)


      The bestselling book that has revolutionized the lives of millions of men, revised and expanded.

      John Eldredge has revised and expanded his phenomenal bestseller, Wild at Heart, and invites men to become most complete selves by:
      *recovering their masculine heart;
      *seeing themselves in the image of a passionate God; and
      *delighting in the strength and wildness that they were created to offer.

      In this life-changing book, John Eldredge provides a look inside the true heart of a man and gives men permission to be what God designed them to be–dangerous, passionate, alive, and free.

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    • Encouraging Words For Men


      A Year’s Worth of Biblical Encouragement and Challenge for Men

      Start your day off right-every day of the year with Encouraging Words for Men-and experience the power of God’s Word. These inspiring devotionals were written specifically for a man’s heart and mind. Each reading includes a relevant scripture to compliment the devotional and will give you the assurance needed to walk in biblical wisdom each day.

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    • Daily Wisdom For Men 2021 Devotional Collection


      Follow God with Boldness, Faithfulness, and Tenacity, Every Day!

      This brand-new devotional collection for 2021 is designed to challenge men to live a life of faithful endurance.

      This brand-new devotional collection is designed to challenge you to live out every area of your spiritual life with boldness, faithfulness, and tenacity. With an inspiring reading and powerful prayer for every day of 2021, this book will provide both encouragement and refreshment, as you come to know just how deeply God cares for you.

      Alongside devotional and prayer encouragement, you will find scripture and a read-through-the-Bible plan you may choose to follow.

      In these pages, you will find comfort, challenge, and encouragement as you deepen your faith in the one true Lord all 365 days of the year.

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    • Stand Strong : 365 Devotions For Men By Men


      Embrace God’s strength in every area of life with this deluxe edition of Stand Strong: 365 Devotions for Men by Men. This handsome and sturdy cork binding contains daily devotions plus space for prayer requests, to-do lists, or study notes. Through the wisdom of Scripture and the experiences of other men, you’ll find insights to help build a solid foundation-one that will allow you to stand strong no matter what life brings your way.

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    • Man Minute : 60 Seconds Can Change Your Life


      God can do a lot to a man in just a minute.

      I cannot attempt to explain why The Man Minute fell into your world. . .but it has no doubt landed on the path of your journey. I cannot tell you what’s going to happen. . .other than to tell you that life won’t be the same. . . .

      God doesn’t take part in the coincidental, and He doesn’t offer random. His paths are sure and battle-tested. His words are worth slowing down long enough to encounter.
      (from the Introduction)

      Jason Cruise-author, speaker, and producer-has taken the flat, paved, predictable road of men’s devotionals and made a hard right turn down a dirt road of insights that are raw, unfiltered, and unpredictable. Every Man Minute is designed to be read in sixty seconds, yet you’ll carry the insights you glean into a lifelong journey of spiritual manhood. This book offers a high-caliber tandem of biblical insights and encouragement that will draw you closer to God, who has called you to a life that transcends complacent, run-of-the-mill manhood.

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    • Prayers For Difficult Times For Men


      You can pray confidently during difficult times–here’s how!

      Here’s a practical guide of short prayer starters that will help you pray when difficult times come. From illness and relationship issues to struggles with self-worth and daily life stresses, dozens of topics are covered. Each section opens with a short devotional thought and applicable scripture. Great as a ministry resource or for your own personal library, Prayers for Difficult Times Men’s Edition is a must-have tool if you desire a powerful prayer life.

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    • Daily Inspiration From Gods Creation


      Love the great outdoors? . . . Our earth, the animals and plants, the sun and night sky-all tell of God if we’ll listen. That’s the inspiration behind Daily Inspiration from God’s Creation, a devotional of special interest to those who enjoy the great outdoors. In 365 daily readings, this book draws parallels between the Christian faith and camping, hiking, fishing, biking, hunting, stargazing, bird watching, and many other outdoor activities. Each encouraging reading is accompanied by a relevant scripture and prayer to focus your thoughts on the God who created the great outdoors and all the wonderful things in it.

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    • Choose Courage : 3 Minute Devotions For Men


      Men, your families, your workplaces, your communities need you.

      Be bold in doing right.

      Like so many positive qualities, courage is a choice. This new book in the popular 3-Minute Devotions line will give you the biblical basis you need to Choose Courage.

      Our world deals in fear, but the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid (2 Timothy 1:7). Author David Sanford provides 180 brief devotions that encourage you to live a powerful, loving, self-disciplined–in a word, bold–life before God, your family, your coworkers, and your community.

      Simple and brief, yet profound and long-lasting, 3-Minute Devotions for Men: Choose Courage will guide men of all ages into the kind of life that leaves a legacy.

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    • Becoming A King


      It is God’s design, desire, and intention to empower humans and entrust them to participate in the ongoing creativity of the universe. Yet a look at our history and the world around us shows that the story of most men is being entrusted with power and having that power bring harm to themselves and those under their care.

      What’s gone wrong? When can you entrust a man with power?

      In Becoming a King, Morgan Snyder shares that when we take a deeper pass at the external problems around us, we begin to see the problems within our souls. Yet Morgan suggests there is hope in an ancient path that leads men to become trustworthy kings.

      Journey with Morgan as he walks alongside men (and the women who love and encourage them) to rediscover this path of inner transformation. Becoming a King is an invitation into a radical reconstruction of much of what we’ve come to believe about God, ourselves, and the meaning of life. It’s an invitation to a rare and remarkable fellowship of like-hearted kings and an honest conversation about what power and responsibility look like for men in our world today.

      Traveling the path isn’t cheap. It isn’t easy. It isn’t quick.

      But it is the heroic journey detailed within the pages of Becoming a King that leads to real life; to men becoming as solid and mighty as oak trees, teeming with strength and courage to bring to a hurting world; and to our sons, husbands, brothers, and friends becoming the kind of kings to whom God can entrust his kingdom.

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    • Man Of God Journal


      A thoughtful gift for a husband, father or pastor, the Man Of God Large Wirebound Journal is a powerful reminder to pursue godly qualities, including righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance, and gentleness.

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    • Power Prayers For Men


      Unleash the Power in Your Prayers!

      This practical and encouraging book offers solid biblical reasons to pray and specific prayer starters in 21 key areas of your life.

      Topics such as My Home, My Responsibilities, My Marriage, My Finances, My Job, and My Future are addressed through scripture and the life experiences of men both historic and contemporary.

      Concise and quick to read, yet packed with spiritual punch, Power Prayers for Men is perfect for men of all ages.

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    • 180 Prayers For A Man Of God


      The all-powerful God we serve is interested in what you have to say!

      This devotional prayer book is a lovely reminder to bring any petition before your heavenly Father. Dozens of just-right-sized prayers touch on topics that will resonate with your heart.

      Topics include:
      -time and money stewardship
      -family matters
      -Christian living
      -and more

      Each prayer is paired with a relevant scripture selection–a great way to begin or end your day in quiet fellowship with the Creator of the universe.

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    • Promises From God For Every Man


      God’s Word is full of vital information to help us live successfully in relation to God and others. Promises from God for Every Man will give the guys you love a shortcut to finding guidance, strength, and power from the Bible. Whether you have a husband, father, stepfather, uncle, nephew, or son, help all the men in your life enhance their relationships with God with this book filled with Scripture highlights!

      These amazing messages within this volume are further enhanced by the book’s appearance. This two-tone brown LuxLeather binding has stitched accents and gold foil on the cover. The 232 pages are gilt-edged in gold. Inside, each section of this book includes a graphically appealing Scripture page, a paragraph outlining God’s promise, and pages of Scripture references that further unpack the idea in the focus Scripture. Fits perfectly in a pocket or messenger bag!

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    • 7 Friendships Every Man Needs


      This One’s for the Guys

      On the scale of stranger to bromance, where do your friendships land?

      As guys, we tend to get a bum rap when it comes to our ability to relate to other men. We talk work, sports, and buffalo wings, but struggle to move into meaningful conversation with our friends.

      Justin Erickson has identified seven important relationships every man needs to thrive and grow as a Christian. Based on the biblical role models of men like David, Paul, and Timothy, these are the friendships that ultimately make you the man that God has called you to be. Delve deeper into the life lessons offered by friendships found in the Bible, and find the kind of men who can enrich your life in a multitude of ways.

      God made you to be relational. Stop settling for surface-level friendships, and learn to build life-changing relationships that last.

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    • Ultimate Guide For The Avid Indoorsman


      Welcome to God’s Great Indoors

      Do you often wonder why anyone would enjoy camping?

      Is your couch and TV among your most prized possession?

      Are you sick and tired of hearing your friends and family say, Let’s go out?

      Then you might be an avid indoorsman and contrary to popular belief, so is God. He created the indoors to keep the outdoors where it belongs…out.

      Embrace the indoor lifestyle with this hilarious handbook full of tips and tricks to help you thrive in your comfy, climate-controlled world. Learn the finer art of setting up a perfect home theater, cleaning with minimal effort, developing indoor hobbies, and, of course, how to avoid the outdoors at all costs!

      So, stay indoors, read this book, and thank God for four walls, fast Internet, and a forever faith… that lives inside you, by the way. Just sayin’.

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    • Stand Strong : 365 Devotions For Men By Men


      The responsibilities of life can wear men down.. But this concise devotional will inspire men to draw strength from the Word of God. Each devotional is practical and brief, taking only five minutes to read. Wisdom from Scripture and insights from the experiences of other men will help readers build a solid foundation-one that allows confidence in the Lord no matter what life brings their way.

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    • Lies Men Believe


      We all lie to ourselves.
      Maybe in little ways, like how we answer the officer who just pulled us over, Nine over isn’t speeding. Or whoppers like lying about an adulterous affair.

      Lies Men Believe is about leveling with ourselves, as men, about the lies–big, small, or somewhere in between–we’ve let creep into our souls. It calls us out and identifies the unique lies we believe about others, God, work, desire, and identity.

      We all lie to ourselves, but God’s Word tells us the truth. It’s time to start listening . . . and be set free.

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    • 3 Minute Devotions For Men


      3 Minutes of Encouragement: Scripture, Devotion, and Prayer
      Here you’ll find the encouraging pick-me-up you need in 3-Minute Devotions for Men. Written especially for the modern man, this devotional packs a powerful dose of challenge and encouragement into just-right-sized readings for men of all ages.
      Minute 1: scripture to meditate on
      Minute 2: a short devotional reading
      Minute 3: a prayer to jump-start a conversation with God.
      Each reading addresses topics that are important to you–like courage, leadership, Bible study, and prayer–and is the ideal way to begin or end the day.

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    • Anchor For The Soul LuxLeather Devotional


      An Anchor for the Soul is a 366-day devotional that takes you on a year-long voyage of contemplation and discovery that will lead you to the Source of all safety and rest. As you meditate on Scripture and consider the insightful devotional thought for each day, you will be equipped to handle whatever storms may come your way. You will be able to stand strong as you focus on the Light that leads you and the Anchor that is your eternal hope.

      This debossed luxleather cover has gold foil accents and an attached ribbon page marker. The 366 devotions of hope and encouragement make an exceptional gift for the man in your life or for dads on Father’s Day. The presentation page for gift-giving allows you to write a sentimental message of love or mark a special occasion.
      LuxLeather Cover
      One-Color Insides
      366 Devotions
      Gilt-Edged Pages
      Attached Ribbon Page Marker
      Presentation Page for Gift-Giving

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    • Pocket Bible Devotional For Men


      May the Lord bless you and protect you. Numbers 6:24

      The Pocket Bible Devotional for Men is a unique devotional book to instill a love of God’s powerful Word in the heart of every man. Each of the 366 daily readings offers a collection of key Scripture verses on relevant topics. Start each day reading through the message and Bible verse before diving into the demands of your schedule. The convenient size offers versatility to take this devotional with you and share it with others for encouragement and accountability.

      This handsome two-tone brown luxleather devotion is ideal for a nightstand, desk or keeping handy in a briefcase. It has a circular stitched luxleather patch displaying the debossed gold foiled title. The decorative printed edges, ribbon page marker and presentation page give this book an exceptional finish.

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    • Play The Man


      Somewhere along the way, our culture lost its definition of manhood, leaving generations of men and men-to-be confused about their roles, responsibilities, relationships, and the reason God made them men. It’s into this no-man’s-land that New York Times bestselling author Mark Batterson declares his mantra for manhood: play the man.

      In this inspiring call to something greater, he helps men understand what it means to be a man of God by unveiling seven virtues of manhood. Mark shares inspiring stories of manhood, including the true story of the hero and martyr Polycarp, who first heard the voice from heaven say, Play the man. Mark couples those stories with practical ideas about how to disciple the next generation of men. This is more than a book; it’s a movement of men who will settle for nothing less than fulfilling their highest calling to be the man and the father God has destined them to be. Play the man. Make the man.

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    • God Glimpses From The Toolbox


      Guys, what is in your toolboxes? Most of us have hammers and screwdrivers for repairs along with tools for demo work. And power tools-because nothing brings greater happiness than making messes and generating lots of noise.

      But did you know that God’s fingerprints can be found in our toolboxes as well? We can uncover some amazing spiritual lessons tucked between our pliers and wrenches. Sometimes we act as if God’s a million miles away when just the opposite is true. God glimpses are present in every aspect of our lives, we just have to look for them. Take a trip through the items in the toolbox with us and discover encouragement, inspiration, and a reminder that God is so close we can reach out and touch Him.

      We do not know about you, but we want to be powered up and ready for God to use our lives. We want Him to build us into men of character. Join us as we look for God glimpses from the toolbox, won’t you?

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    • Measure Of A Man Reprinted (Reprinted)


      More Than a Million Copies Have Been Sold of this Powerful Book for Men, Now Revised for a New Generation
      For forty years, The Measure of a Man has taught hundreds of thousands of men around the world how to live according to God’s direction–faithfully, lovingly, and spiritually. Now repackaged, this classic guide to biblical masculinity is poised to impact a new generation of men.True masculinity is not measured by the strength of a man, but by these twenty biblical guidelines drawn from the Apostle Paul’s letters to his young proteges Timothy and Titus. Inspiring, encouraging, and practical, this book shows men how they can reach God’s standards as fathers, husbands, and mentors to other men. This updated edition includes QR codes that take the reader to online video resources for further study.

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    • Model Man : From Integrity To Legacy


      In this confused, chaotic world, men are looking to find a model man: a man who possesses the qualities of integrity, purity, pace of life, purpose, a model marriage, model children, and a powerful legacy. In this practical guidebook to manhood, Larry Stockstill describes this model man and his journey from integrity to legacy. These ten short chapters will give you a new image, a new foundation, a new starting place to rebuild your life into one that many will seek to imitate. Get ready to be coached, challenged, broken, and rebuilt until God can see in you His greatest dream: the godly, long-term, influential, and powerful model man! Pastor Larry has established a legacy of honor, influence, and power.

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    • Journey To Heaven


      Each hour of each day you are forming habits that shape your character and will determine where you will spend eternity. When your earthly life ends, it will be too late to change your destiny. In the midst of the hectic demands, busy schedules, and countless interruptions of every day, this book gives you the surefire, divinely instituted apps for becoming the man God wants you to be. Use them! Your family is counting on you.

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    • Solomon Seduction : What You Can Learn From The Wisest Fool In The Bible


      Have you found yourself in circumstances you never envisioned, tangled up with people you never approved of, and doing things you never imagined?

      It seems impossible that the valedictorian of the entire human race would ruin his life by making dumb choices, but Solomon did. Solomon was better equipped to see through Satan’s deceptions than any man who has ever lived, other than Jesus. But in the end, he became just as blind to them as everyone else.

      Pay attention to the news and you’ll see that it’s not just the numbskulls that fall into Satan’s traps. It’s also the best and brightest of America’s fathers, husbands, and sons. Many smart guys who love God end up being ashamed and humiliated by Satan’s seductions. With humor, grace, and a pastor’s heart, Mark Atteberry seeks to offer practical suggestions on how to avoid a similar fate. His prayer for readers is to experience a wake-up call to move forward and determined on an upward path.

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    • Power Of A Praying Husband


      Stormie Omartian’s bestselling The Power of a Praying series (more than 23 million copies sold) is rereleased with fresh new covers and new material to reach a still-growing market of readers eager to discover the power of prayer for their lives.

      In The Power of a Praying Husband, you’ll find the excitement and hope that come from inviting the God who hears and answers prayer into your marriage. Packed with real-life examples and refreshing honesty regarding her own marriage, Stormie encourages you to lovingly intercede for your wife in every area of her life, including her

      Each chapter features comments from well-known Christian men, biblical wisdom, and prayer ideas. The warm and easy-to-read book includes a foreword by Stormie’s husband, multi-Grammy winning music producer Michael Omartian. It’s a resource that makes a great gift to husbands from wives and is also an excellent study for men’s groups wanting to develop the discipline of prayer.

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    • Mansfields Book Of Manly Men


      New York Times best-selling author Stephen Mansfield explores the manly virtues by looking to the lives of the manliest of men.

      Masculinity is more than an identity. It’s a discipline-something requiring cultivation. For that we need the help of many teachers, mentors, fathers, and brothers. In Mansfield’s Book of Manly Men, New York Times bestselling author Stephen Mansfield introduces readers to thirty such figures. Some are soldiers, some are philosophers, some inventors, revolutionaries, adventurers, preachers-and they all have something unique to teach us about manliness:
      *Vision, told through the story of Rudyard Kipling
      *Humor, told through the story of G. K. Chesterton
      *Power, told through the story of George Washington
      *Conquest, told through the story of Nehemiah

      In each chapter, Stephen Mansfield tells their stories and distills from the events, the challenges, and triumphs a key lesson that will show readers how to grow into one unique aspect of the calling as men.

      Mansfield won’t tell you how to tie a tie, change a flat, or handle your mother-in-law, but through the featured lives he will tell you how to think, strive, hope, pray, work, and act like a man and invite you into a new and greater story.

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    • With Dad On A Deer Stand


      Bestselling author and hunting enthusiast Steve Chapman (A Look at Life from a Deer Stand, 300,000 copies sold) takes readers to the woods to experience the thrill of the hunt and the joy of spending one-on-one time with their children. Through heart-tugging adventures of fathers with their sons and daughters, readers will discover…
      *the powerful bond hunting together forges between parent and child
      *surprising ways hunting skills can help a child achieve success
      *life-changing insights fathers and children learn from each other
      *the wonderful joy of shared adventures to reminisce about
      *the extraordinary attributes of God revealed in creation

      Dads have a lot of wisdom and knowledge to share! With Dad on a Deer Stand encourages them to take their children on outdoor adventures, draw on nature to reveal how awesome and extraordinary God is, and use their life experiences to help sons and daughters grow up strong.

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    • 1 Minute Insights For Men


      Popular author Jim George shares a special selection of devotions shaped from his bestselling book A Man After God’s Own Heart (more than 100,000 copies sold) to help busy men…

      *lead with strength and love in their marriage
      *model integrity and diligence on the job
      *live as an example and lifelong influencer of their children

      This devotional resource is sized and designed to fast-track busy men to discovering the rich spiritual wisdom and tools they need for making a real difference–a godly difference–in all they do.

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    • Look At Life From A Deer Stand


      Steve Chapman’s popular A Look at Life from a Deer Stand (more than 280,000 copies sold) now includes new stories and illustrations as well as a stunning new cover. From the incredible rush of bagging the big one to standing in awe of God’s magnificent creation, Steve Chapman captures the spirit of the hunt. In short chapters filled with excitement and humor, he takes readers on his successful and not-so-successful forays into the heart of deer country. As they experience the joy of scouting a trophy buck, they’ll discover how the skills necessary for great hunting can help them draw closer to the Lord.

      This popular outdoor devotional focuses on time spent in the woods to offer unique insights into living for God. The perfect gift for every hunter and outdoorsman.

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    • Resolution For Men


      A man cannot be passive about what Scripture tells him to do for his family and expect to be found faithful to God in the end. He must see with spiritual eyes and realize that future generations are directly impacted by his daily decisions.

      The Resolution for Men is the inspiring book born out of Courageous, a new film by the makers of Fireproof coming to theaters nationwide in fall 2011. The movie, which presents a powerful story of strong male leadership, is an emotionally charged wake-up call to fathers whose influence upon their children and society is immeasurable. The Resolution for Men follows to challenge men of all ages to become as bold and intentional about embracing their responsibilities as leaders of their homes, marriages, and children.

      Written by Stephen and Alex Kendrick, screenwriters of Courageous and authors of New York Times No. 1 best seller The Love Dare (five million copies sold), The Resolution for Men strategically inspires men to reconcile with their past, re-engage in the present by taking full responsibility for their wives and children, and then move forward with a bold and clear resolution for the future. Written in partnership with the movie and Priscilla Shirer’s new book, The Resolution for Women, it is designed to inspire a revolution.

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    • Real Men Are Godly (Student/Study Guide)


      8 Lessons

      Additional Info
      This study investigates Job, a man who integrated godliness into the entire scope of his life. Find what the Bible reveals about him in areas such as respect, accusations, confidence, genuineness, compassion, values, and consistency. You, too, can be characterized as a real, godly man. For small group or individual study.

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