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New Christian Advice

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  • Begin 21 : Your First 21 Steps With Jesus


    Now what? How does this Jesus thing work? What am I supposed to do next? These are only a few of the difficult questions new followers ask when they make the decision to follow Christ.

    There should be a simple plan that explains the essentials of Christianity for young believers; a step-by-step tool with basic instructions to help them start right, stay strong, and finish well.

    Begin 21 provides new believers (and their spiritual mentor) with clear directions as they embark on their new faith journey. The pages deliver answers to help them develop a personal relationship with Jesus, discover their new identity in Christ, and find their voice in the in God’s story. As they learn to seek the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength, his character will become their character. They will gain insights and practical skills to help them navigate the unchartered waters of the Christian life. Confusion will be replaced confidence, as young believers begin to experience Christ working through them to boldly proclaim, I am not ashamed.

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  • Your New Name In Christ Pamphlet


    This is a 14 panel pamphlet that explains how believers are given a new identity and new names when they trust in Christ. Includes the meaning, key Bible verses, and application for each name.
    Folds out to 38 inches. Fits inside a Bible cover.

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  • Following Jesus Wall Chart Laminated


    New! Following Jesus pamphlet – Basic Discipleship in 2 Hours
    This easy-to-understand guide is perfect to give to new believer, or to go through with them. Includes the basics of the Christian life, including: Prayer * Bible study * Quiet time * Assurance of salvation * Assurance of forgiveness * Who is God and can he be trusted * Why is Christianity the only way, and more. Get people on the right path so that they do not become discouraged and give up on their faith.

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  • Welcome To The Family


    Use this book to learn how to share the gospel with children or to follow up on the kids who make salvation decisions.

    This 13-lesson discipleship course may be used by a child, adult and child, or group of children to help each one understand what it means to live as God’s child.

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