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    • Supremacy Of God In Preaching (Revised)


      Revised and Expanded Edition of John Piper’s Popular Book on Preaching

      Preach the word. The apostle Paul’s command to Timothy (2 Timothy 4:2) is also an exhortation for preachers today. Preaching-more than mere public speaking-is worship, and true worship happens when God’s people see and savor him through his word.

      In this revised and expanded edition of The Supremacy of God in Preaching, long-time author and teacher John Piper argues that the goal of preaching is to unify these two aspects of worship-seeing and savoring God. People are starving for preaching that is centered on the glory of God, grounded in the cross, and empowered by the Holy Spirit. With the preaching ministry of Jonathan Edwards as an example, Piper seeks to stir up a new generation of pastors and leaders to boldly proclaim the supremacy of God in all things.

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    • How To Prepare Bible Messages (Reprinted)


      Give Your Best Sermon Ever – Every Time Newly edited for today’s readers, this time-tested book combines recognized public speaking techniques with proven theories of preaching to equip you for the pulpit. Author James Braga provides pastors and message-givers anywhere in ministry with logical, step-by-step guidance to preparing and delivering effective sermons. Each chapter thoroughly defines and describes each critical component of a sermon, from the introduction to illustrations and the conclusion

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