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Teen Fiction

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  • June Boys : A Novel


    From award-winning and highly acclaimed author Court Stevens comes a heart-wrenching story of small towns, rumors, and thirteen missing boys.

    The Gemini Thief could be anyone.

    Your father, your mother, your best friend’s crazy uncle.

    Some country music star’s deranged sister. Anyone.

    Someone is stealing Tennessee’s boys.

    Report suspicious behavior.

    The Gemini Thief is a serial kidnapper, who takes three boys and holds them captive from June 1st to June 30th of the following year. The June Boys endure thirteen months of being stolen, hidden, observed, and fed before they are released, unharmed, by their masked captor. The Thief is a pro, having eluded authorities for nearly a decade and taken at least twelve boys.

    Now Thea Delacroix has reason to believe the Gemini Thief took a thirteenth victim: her cousin, Aulus McClaghen.

    But the game changes when one of the kidnapped boys turns up dead. Together with her boyfriend Nick and her best friends, Thea is determined to find the Gemini Thief and the remaining boys before it’s too late. Only she’s beginning to wonder something sinister, something repulsive, something unbelievable, and yet, not impossible:

    What if her father is the Gemini Thief?

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  • Running Lean : Shes Holding On With Everything She Has In Hopes Hell Never


    Running Lean [run-ning leen] A term referring to a deficiency of fuel in the fuel-to-air ratio of an internal combustion engine. A physical condition where not enough caloric fuel is present for optimal performance of the body. A spiritual condition in which a believer relies on his own strengths. Equilibrium. That’s what Stacey and Calvin found in each other. He is as solid as his beloved vintage motorcycle and helps quiet the constant clamor in Stacey’s mind. She is a passionate, creative spirit—and a lifeline after Calvin’s soldier brother dies. But lately the balance is off. Calvin’s grief is taking new and more dangerous forms. Voices of self-loathing are dominating Stacey’s life. When struggles with body image threaten her health, Calvin can’t bear to lose another person that he loves. Taking action may destroy their relationship, but the alternative could be much more costly.

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