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    • Complete Word Study New Testament


      Now you can dig into the original language of the New Testament without becoming a Greek scholar! This enriching resource assigns a Strong’s reference number to every word in the KJV text, provides grammatical information about each word, and parses each verb.Strong’s Dictionary of the New Testament * Greek concordance * And more!

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    • Strongest Strongs Exhaustive Concordance Of The Bible (Large Type)


      Like a redwood that towers above all other trees, THE STRONGEST STRONG’S LARGER PRINT EDITION takes James Strong’s classic concordance to unprecedented heights. It is packed with features including cross-references, Hebrew and Greek dictionaries, Word counts, fast-tab locators, Strong’s numbering system, words of Christ highlighted, and more. Better still, this larger print edition is gentle on your eyes.

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    • Complete Word Study Old Testament


      Studying Hebrew and Aramaic now takes one book, not your entire desktop! Every word in this Old Testament has its Strong’s number and a grammatical code printed above the English text. Strong’s Dictionary of the Hebrew Bible is included in the Study Helps section and gives detailed definitions of key words. Other helps include grammatical notations which explain the codes, and a translational reference index which links each English word of the KJV to all the Hebrew words it represents.

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