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    • Seeing The Voice Of God (Reprinted)


      Many believers strive to discover why they can’t hear God’s voice–but they fail to realize that they can have 20/20 hearing through their dreams. God is never silent. He longs to communicate, and if his voice falls on deaf ears, he will speak in pictures.

      Sadly, instead of nurturing and nourishing their dream lives, many believers feel forgotten by God and miss out on his godly counsel. But they don’t have to. With absorbing insight, prophetic leader Laura Harris Smith demystifies nighttime dreams and daytime visions. Topics include:
      * making sense of symbols
      * the top ten kinds of dreams
      * how a life of holiness readies God’s people to see
      * REM sleep, dream cycles, and open visions
      * the counterfeit dark sources of vision
      * biblical dreams and modern testimonies

      God is always speaking, even when his words come as pictures. There is no reason to miss a single word.

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    • Elastic Band Binder Black


      Vinyl-covered cardboard with elastic bands to hold up to five anthems.
      Capacity can be increased to eight by adding additional bands
      .75 wide metal strip runs the length of the spine, with four hooks at top and bottom to hold elastic bands
      Two clear plastic pockets

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    • Real Worship : Playground Battleground Or Holy Ground (Reprinted)


      With 50,000 copies sold, the first edition of Real Worship helped many pastors and worship leaders make biblical sense in the controversy surrounding worship and worship styles. This second edition contains new chapters on taking worship seriously, planning balanced worship, and tradition in worship. A question-and-answer section, a bibliography, and a Scripture index have also been added.

      While many books deal with how to worship, they fail to give a definition of true worship. Warren Wiersbe defines what worship is and the four elements it involves: wonder, witness, warfare, and wisdom. As he discusses such controversial issues as art, liturgy, worship styles, and music, Wiersbe keeps the focus on God and demonstrates the balance of worship for which every church should strive.

      Real Worship is both biblically based and autobiographical, containing personal testimony, anecdotes, and illustrations from Wiersbe’s pastoral experience.

      The first edition of this book was published by Thomas Nelson in 1986.

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