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      In a social media-centered world, the smart phone has become a cultural rite of passage for kids. But is that rite all wrong? How can this generation of parents blaze a new trail to equip their kids to thrive in an ever-changing digital environment while steering clear of the dangers that lurk nearby? With six kids, Kirk Cameron fully understands this dilemma. So he went to the experts, and what he learned will enlighten, challenge, and encourage parents. And best of all: it can help strengthen your family! If you re committed to raising kids who will make an impact in this world, see CONNECT and find help, hope, and strength for parenting kids and teens in a social media world.

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    • Raising Kingdom Kids Group Video Experience With Participants Guide


      Most of us believe passionately in contributing to our children’s physical, social, and intellectual development. We make sure they have clothes and shelter. We try to see that they eat right, get enough sleep, and monitor their friendships. We also do everything possible to make sure they succeed at school. Featuring the inspiring teaching of Dr. Tony Evans, this six-week DVD-based curriculum calls and instructs parents to raise God-following children who are also spiritually strong and prepared to take on the assignments God has for their lives.Contains practical examples and illustrations to help parents grow kids’ faith, with specific instruction in the power of prayer, wisdom, love of God’s Word, getting through trials, controlling the tongue, developing patience, and the surrender of service.

      Sessions include the following:
      1. Understanding Kingdom Parenting
      2. Establishing a Kingdom Mind-set
      3. Transferring Kingdom Blessings
      4. Cultivating a Kingdom Atmosphere
      5. Instilling Kingdom Virtues
      6. Developing a Kingdom Legacy

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