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    • 20 Minute PraiseMoves


      Over 16.5 million Americans practice some form of yoga. Many are Christians who are looking for a Christ-centered alternative to their exercise routine. From the creator of the popular PraiseMoves–The Christian Alternative to Yoga DVD, Laurette Willis offers three new 20-minute workouts. In just 20 minutes a day, viewers can strengthen, tone, and increase flexibility while renewing their minds and nourishing their spirits on God’s Word. Each posture is linked to Scripture to transform workouts into times of worship. This new program offers ways to– reduce stress, improve circulation, and lose weight energize to optional Walkin’ Wisdom Warm-ups learn God’s Word through beautifully flowing Scripture Sequences 20 Minute PraiseMoves also includes an instructional segment with exercise tips, detailed posture moves, and postures for the beginner as well as the advanced PraiseMover.

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